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what's this place?

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Women work less often, work more part time, choose less jobs in the service induatries

Focus on the fact that women tend to seek jobs in professions where the demand for their labor is much lower than in more specialized professions. A elementary school teacher is not going to make as much as an Engineer or a computer scientist because their labor isnt as specialized.

Men on average also work more hours per week than women.

Exactly. The difference mainly comes from the blue collar sector. An uneducated man can still make a relatively good living as a construction worker, truck driver, oil rigger, etc. Uneducated woman can do those jobs too, but they choose not to, instead they are more likely to work minimum wage jobs like retail and waitressing.

I challenge anyone to find me some statistics proving that female white collar professionals like doctors and lawyers make 70% compared to their male counterparts.


My favorite memes on this topic are:

If there were such a wage gap, companies would just hire a much larger proportion of women to save costs. Companies care about money, not being sexist.

Best explanation for the gap:

Women value things like family time more than men, so they work less hours (less overtime), don't go into as stressful of positions (also lower paying) - this includes things like college degree choice - they will pick liberal arts far more often).

More often a question of personality. If he challenges you on something specific like a certain company with the same position - imagine this situation in which the boss asks from 3 people to stay late and work on a stressful task - just based on personality, it's more likely that a man chooses to do so. There are big societal differences between men and women which is fine, but there's nothing stopping them from stepping up to fill that role. This happens on a large scale.

Also women work more part-time jobs, take more vacation time and sick leave. And maternity leave. As a result, men accumulate seniority much faster, and earn more

Wages are on a bell curve OP. While men are more likely to have a higher paying job than women, they are also more likely to have a shitty fucking job strong, empowered wombans would consider beneath them.

If you rally for more women CEOs you better rally for more women sanitation workers.


Most new employees have the same starting wage regardless of their gender or race, they start everyone off at the lowest they can get away with.

The wage gap comes from the statistics of ALL workers so the gap occurs from the higher paying jobs like Manager and CEO positions.

The workers at the top of the food chain are all old and have been at their companies for 30+ years to get the 6 figure positions.

So the wage gap comes from people who were hired in the 60's and 70's, this number will balance out more as time goes on.

This wage gap issue doesn't apply to women today entering the workforce, and doesn't even apply to 95% of the current workers. It's a flaw in the statistics by adding in the top 1% into the charts.


Huff po, most liberal, pro female rag dosen't believe it's real.


Forbes, says it isn't real


Harvard professor debunks wage gap


Fun for the bonus round. Clinton, who complains about the wage gap, is actually part of the problem.

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(video, but better source)


What it all boils down to is life choices and skewed examples.

They focus on a female literary graduate, who chooses to be a librarian, with a man who went on to work 70 hours a week as a law clerk.

It's just a simple abuse of facts, and not comparing apples to apples, but comparing ocean liners to paper plates and trying to tell you that they are the same thing.

You can google thousands of articles, but it basically boils down to misleading statics that are purposefully skewed.

Just read the study itself. In the methodology they ignored position, tenure, hours worked, career path, etc. It's just an overall thing.

So basically the "men get paid more than women" is true, but "for the same work" is a bullshit meme.

Thomas sowell papers on the wage gap


Anonymous (ID: RrL+XEoz)

09/08/16(Thu)13:52:54 No.88112206

You need the following:

>Labour force data showing average hours by sex and occupation group.

>Labour force data showing part-time work by sex as a share of total workforce i.e. 40% of women work part tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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