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Steps to take in order to Make /pol/ Great Again

As most people on /pol/ lately have probably noticed, /pol/'s quality of threads have been on the decline recently. With this new migration to .pl, it's time we've addressed this and Took steps to Make /pol/ Great Again:

1.Well thought out, and intelligent discussion is paramount. Mindless shitposting should be ignored and frowned upon

2.Off-topic and /b/-tier threads should be ignored, deleted, and possibly earn you a ban at a Mod's discretion

3.We allow for a wide range of topics here on /pol/ as long as it's in the realm of politics. Threads pertaining to general world events/Happenings are encouraged


1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Check the Catalog.

4. Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and will most likely result in ban and deletion. Bans will be up to the Board Owner or Board Volunteer's discretion.

Follow all 3 Steps and the 4 rules, and Together We Can Make /pol/ Great Again!

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/pol/ webm thread

Post webms and mp4 saved from /pol/


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So about the Mike Enoch TRS thing

I am someone that became red-pilled through The Daily Shoah and TRS, and have come to really enjoy Fash The Nation as well. With this Mike Enoch doxxing situation I'm really confused as to why people on /pol seem to be so gleeful over the idea that TRS is being destroyed. Can someone explain to me why /pol hates TRS and why I should view the destruction of TRS as a good thing? TDS was a critical part of my red-pilling and I possibly may have never read The Culture of Critique if TDS had never existed. I have personal friends that became red-pilled through both TDS and FTN pocasts.

Regarding Enoch himself, from my perspective the things he says on TDS are incredibly insightful. I personally value his opinions and those expressed on FTN greatly, regardless of what decisions he has made in his personal life. If Enoch is a Jewish shill, then it would appear to me, based on the effect he has had on myself and others, that he is the worst shill of all time. What I really want to know is, if Enoch was bad for the movement, who should I look to for the good? Who is providing content and analysis (and humor) that is better than the stuff I've been listening to / reading? This is not a rhetorical question, I am being honest and wanting to know if there is someone doing better work that I can discover. If you are right about Enoch's destruction being a good thing, show me the light, because right now I do not understand.

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muh fugees

Is this the place for those fleeing the faggy nu-/pol/?

I'm just looking for a place to lie low until the (((civic nationalism))) meme dies out

R: 168 / I: 60 / P: 1

4chan is being censored by obviously Jewish mods.

A "revolution" is going on on 4chan /pol/, they'll be a lot of 4channers soon.

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Reserve banks goes top kek

Lets launch operation reserve banks goes top kek.

The income growth for the bottom 50% in the us has been 0 percent for the last 30 years. Meanwhile, the money printing machines has been running 24/7 devaluing their currency. So they are actually earning less and less. Is it time for the people to leave the manipulated money? Lets start a bitcoin campaign, for the sake of the people.

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Pizzagate Related

Anyone screen shot the picture of the napkin left by an FBI agent for someone at one of the "parties" at Comet Pizza??

Use that pic to redpill people. Haven't seen it posted in any threads. It's kinda big deal…..IMHO at least.

Also, the "Roxy" symbol is just 2 "Quicksilver" logos turned on their sides to make a heart and girly. It's a "surf life style brand for women"

ITT ; JimmyComet instagram pic of napkin with note from FBI Agent

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FBI anon lurking live



No one has noticed. I'm banned for 4 more hours because the mods are butthurt.

If you have any questions for him, he's there.


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To FBI Anon

They banned me for the weekend.

I can't rally the troops for you guys. Blame the CTR shills I guess.

I want off this ride anyways. I hope I get compensated some how. Like US citizenship or a sum of a couple million magically appears in my account.

I would've joined the fight much sooner, but USA isn't my country…yet.

Thanks for all the hard work. I can see how big and how long this has been in the works, and it makes me question reality.

I am the Meme Man and when I speak, the internet listens. I know why you picked me.

Or I'm just delusional. I prefer this option.

just fuck my up internet.

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Sarah Andersen comic edition thread

So they gave me a 2 week ban (right in the period between christmas and new years, fuck damn it all) for posting this.


The reason given was:

>You will not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").

though as you can see in the link, at no point did I post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").

Tried to appeal in IRC, and the mod who dealt with me made it clear I wouldn't be unbanned. The closest to a reason he gave was:

>its the same "campaign" that has been going on and we're trying to discourage it. These threads are not allowed since they result in doxxing and continued harassment

I was going to post the whole log, but it was too long.

Came here because this was the site recommended in this thread:


I wish I knew Hiro's email…

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Help me Kameraden

I genuenly despise muslim women, when i see a woman in a hijab i look at her in disgust. these fucking medival peasanst just make me want to vomit…

Until today at least…

My new colleage, an afgahn (((refugee))), just turned me on so much i couldnt stand it.

her stupid veil made her look so fucking cute it was unbearable.

I spent the evening fapping to arab/hijab porn because of her…

I wonderd, is that part of thier strategy and do the (((porducers))) of porn like that have a hand in it?

also how tf do i stop?

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Sorta Shoah Response

Sven: "IDK if you should stop dating your gook/jap/chink girlfriend goy can't help ya there!"

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Getting jewed

Has anyone of you ever got DIRECTLY jewed by a jew or know someone who was? I'd like to hear.

R: 17 / I: 3 / P: 2

Do not embrace the Jared Taylors and Richard Spencers of the world.

20th century notions of race will ruin us and destroy societies. Embrace globalism and get back to what matters - guaranteeing human freedom in the world.

Christopher Nemelka is a better thinker to rally behind. Instead of identity politics he offers solutions to THE burden of the mortal human condition.

He along with 7 anonymous persons make up the Board of Directors for the Humanity Party. Have an open mind and look into their platform and new constitution.

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The death of white america

The people in this thread should realise that their fear of non-whites is just a manifestation of bourgeoise oppression and propoganda. Revolution is coming and those you tread on will destroy your white priveleged bourgeoisie overlords and all of you who stand with them

R: 11 / I: 4 / P: 2

Am I white?

I'm a white Anglo-Saxon Christian with a white wife and five kids but my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was a Jew according to 23&Me. Am I still white?

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Phalanx Spencer now endorsing COKE

Goys, let's create an ethnostate, and let's legalize coke! Oh, it's not for me, but for a friend!

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Redpill me on jew tactics

I used to be a leftie some time ago, then I got redpilled, and from this time, I have a meme page on Kikebook where I share some memes about estonian art. It has 1700 page likes, which makes it one of the most popular estonian Kikebook meme page there is. I am the only admin and make all the memes on that page myself.

I already decided it long time ago that postmodernism is pure bullshit and almost wanted to close this stupid meme page, but then I suddenly got 700 page likes over 3 memes I shared one day, simply because some normies and libcucks liked and shared the shit out of them.

Most of the page likes compromise of various estonian libcucks and numales, a small minority is also Chads and Staceys. So I decided that I should keep the page and become the controlled opposition, where I try to shill the page to become their main source of entertainment, but over time, subtly redpill them with very little stuff, but at the same time, do not go 14/88 in order to not overwhelm them, and to keep them following the page.

How should I subtly redpill these normies? How can I insert subtle redpills so that the libcucks to not get triggered, but also get little bit redpilled? Give me some jew tactics, /pol/

Link to my page: http://archive.is/Mtv0r

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 2

Bogdanoff bothers

Do you know anything about the Bogdanoff bothers, /pol/? Quick rundown on them:

>Rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs

>control France with an iron fist

>own castles and banks all over the world

>direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line

>will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city)

>already have plans to live there

>own basically every DNA editing research facility on Earth

>first designer babies will be Bogdanoff Babies

>both brothers said to have 200+ IQ

>rumoured to possess psychic abilities

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For people raging against SJWs the people here are very easily triggered

So much for this is not your safe space

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 2


clovergender thread.

end the discrimination


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 2


I am an anarcho-pacifist.

Why? 'Cause our government don't understand what we need ( for exemple in France in the government almost every politicians did the same career path they are the friends of the juge, so they can do what they want,… ).

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 2


*Server IP: and is 1.10.x only.

*IMPORTANT: Grace will be 7 days long, starting on Jan. 13 and ending Jan. 20, and will be turned off at 4pm EST!

*Resource Pack(downloads automatically on serb): https://a.pomf.cat/dkbdvq.zip

*Discord Info: https://discord.gg/qtNaNvK

*Towny Commands Help: http://towny.palmergames.com/towny/towny-commands/

*Towny Flag War Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKE0b__Yn_0

Important: It is mandatory for a town to be in a nation.


1. Guns Only - http://imgur.com/a/wLgU2

2. Ammo Only - http://imgur.com/a/baZex

3. Utilities Only - http://imgur.com/a/NS13z

4. New Meme Recipes - http://imgur.com/a/F4D8P

*Quick Gun Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS2POrIgFVw

IMPORTANT: There is a bug with being to close to other entities like players and animals when firing, this is a fix we added because otherwise the gun would backfire and kill you.

IMPORTANT: Reload key is whatever you have your drop key bound to, not just Q.

*Brewery Tutorial: https://github.com/DieReicheErethons/Brewery/wiki/Usage

*Brewery Plugin Recipes: http://pastebin.com/E9qhUpbV

*Cannon Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBGzFRPnhgk

*Mortars will NOT break blocks, they are high explosive damage only.

IMPORTANT: The amount of gunpowder you put in the mortar influences distance! 1 short, 2 medium, 3 long!

IMPORTANT: Mortars will be disabled until end of grace.

pt.2 next post

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Invasion of Tuvalu

Halfchan is memeing a /pol/ invasion of Tuvalu into reality. We're wondering if Fullchan will assist us in memetic warfare for our new home.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 2

fucking goddamn antifa nigger mods on 4ch /pol/

tried dodging it, fucking not paying for a vpn. also I need to not be permabanned for future happenings. how do we excise the tumor that is leftist cancer?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 2





R: 29 / I: 0 / P: 2

(((David Hines))) Twitter Essay

Political violence is like war, like violence in general: people have a

fantasy about how it works. This is the fantasy of how violence works:

you smite your enemies in a grand and glorious cleansing because of

course you're better. Grand and glorious smiting isn't actually how

violence works. I've worked a few places that have had serious political

violence. And I'm not sure how to really describe it so people get it.

This is a stupid comparison, but here: imagine that one day Godzilla

walks through your town. The next day, he does it again. And he keeps

doing it. Some days he steps on more people than others. That's it.

That's all he does: trudging through your town, back and forth. Your

town's not your town now; it's The Godzilla Trudging Zone. That's kind

of what it's like.

In 2017, I am very pessimistic about America's future, to the point that

I think the country should seriously consider a National Divorce. Let's

not mince words: the United States of America is currently engage

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R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 3


Race Mixing is Genocide For all Races in America if we can Show BLM and Other Groups that Liberal Marxist Want's to Genocide Them will you See more Minority's Turn on Multiculturalism Then we can Make a Ethic State that will Look like Yugoslavia.

I Will Say give the Democrat Party to the Black so we American Europeans can Build Into the Republican Party.


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Mr. Bond Archive just went down from the youtube

Mr. Bond Archive just went down. Does anyone have copy's of the songs? In particular, "My president is Trump".

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 3

Civil War is Coming

Are we heading for civil war? Hello my fellow liberty hackers. I come to you today with a emergency announcement about EXTREME HYPERPARTISIANSHIP. Our nation is at risk. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcFcNE6VHkQ

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3

If you want to easily shoot down feminist "women never lie about rape" arguments...

I've just been throwing these together willy nilly at work, making sure all the citations are there because knowledge is power.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3

Secular Jewry - When diversity backfires

You know, maybe diversity isn't so great?


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Highschool "gender identity" club

Hey /pol/, random seniorfag here, so recently, our school's "gender identity safe space" club posted a Google form to receive officer applications.

Would /pol/ be interested in becoming officers of this club?


Post results in thread.

Thanks for helping with the club /pol/!

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Rightwing factions attacking each other is retarded; but inevitable

Fascism is fundamentally about hierarchy, order, unity, strength, these are the total opposite values of anarcho-leftism. Anarcho-leftism grows from the bottom up in a broken civilization of broken souls, ripe with nihilism, contrarianism, cynicism, and iconoclasm.

ANTIFA can grow via the grassroots, like scattered splotches of fungus on spread out piles of human garbage, fascism will never succeed so long at is fought for by spread out pockets of cowards and autists, quietly clung to anonymously by normal people, and subject to a never ending civil war of attrition that seems to occur whenever people are moved to extreme views and with no other outlet but to attack each other for being insufficiently pious.

I'm afraid 2017 will see the fledgling rightward "movement" fracture and begin disintegrating, paranoid, squabbling, anarchistic

society will continue swimming left

we will continue to fail until someone leads us, there is no such thing as a rightwing grassroots movement, its fundamentally contradictory, we will continue to fail so long as we try and use leftist methods to gain power

you already know the truth, if we succeed, we will be galvanized by a true leader (just imagine nat-soc trump except with a >80 verbal IQ) and be moved to violence to take our birthright back

everything else is unserious, face it, you still have far too much to lose

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3

Mexico warns Trump


Mexico's economy minister sent Donald Trump a fighting message: We will retaliate right away if you hit us with a "major border tax."

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3


Sup broz, just made engl subs for u to watch my video about Juche ideas , pls check and comment it


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3



In the early morning of 8 October 1895, the Hullyeondae Regiment, loyal to the Daewongun, attacked the Gyeongbokgung, overpowering its Royal Guards. Hullyeondae officers, led by Lieutenant Colonel Woo Beomseon, an ardent supporter of the Daewongun, then allowed a group of Japanese ronins, specifically recruited for this purpose to infiltrate the palace, allegedly under orders from Miura. Upon entering the Queen's quarters (Okhoru Pavilion), the assassins "killed three court [women] suspected of being the queen. When they confirmed that one of them was Min, they burned the corpse in a pine forest in front of the Okhoru Pavilion, and then dispersed the ashes." Empress Myeongseong was 43 years old.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 3

Political Sim


Hello /pol/, Power is a new online US politics game where you create a politician and run for a seat in one of the 50 states. We need more people to join the Republican Party and defeat the Democrats. If you are interested then create an account and join the Republican Party. Currently the Democrats have more people and have a majority in the senate so we need help to make the Republican Party the strongest party in the game. The democrats are passing marxist legislation and we can't stop them until we win more senate seats. I will post the link to the Republican Party discord and our whip will verify you.

Republican Party Disord Link:


The current states we need people in: NV,CO,SD,IA,IL,GA,PA,NJ,DE,VT,ME,CT

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 3

Fucking Weebo Niggers

These subhumans think they can beat us in an argument but lets show them that Pepe, the most exalted, most noble, don't play dat sheeit. Time to show these untermensch the powers of the up vote. Daddies back, this time there will be no camps SIEG HIEL!!! PRAISE KEK!!!

Highlighted Comment is where da axeshun beez


R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 3

Californians Want to Secede from The US: PROOF POSITIVE We Should Let Them

After watching this video, what say you?


R: 174 / I: 104 / P: 4



So we already kwon that 8ch/pol/ finally went to absolute total shit, this is the bottom, inkapmshit and realkikeman went full retard mode banning everything valuable there.

This has been happening for some months but now the situation reached unsustainable levels last weeks.

Bumplocked Self-Improvement Threads

Bumplocked Red Pill Dump Threads

Bumplocked NatSoc Threads

Bumplocked Art Threads

Bumplocked Literature Threads


The narrative of the ((MODS)) is that there is no place to spoonfeed newfags, there are archives for that (polpol/polarchive), that everything is a "SLIDE TREAD", and anyone against this is /intl/ somehow, obvious and blatant kike bullshit.

Everyone expossing this was completly gassed, banned and all threads deleted, even all post by IP deleted, a literally "oyy veyy shut it down".

(pic related) also http://archive.is/nGnFT deleted last nigth.

There is no absolute valid or reasonable excuse to be against redpill dump and literature threads, the mask just fall down, they are full controlled opposition now and this is the final stage of the transformation, they dont want the influx of newfags to get redpilled after the elction.

Those fucking retards even make fun of anons complaining about unfair bans on the polmeta threads and the sudo threads.





We cannot allow us to lose the concentration of high-valuable/high-energy and the concentration of knowledge and interaction we had in the past.

We were contributing to dismantle the zog and spread the reddpill.

If we disband they win.

hardcore /pol/acks need to migrate to new grounds where free speech is valuable again.

Divided we fall, united we win..

Here we discuss our options to migrate, which options are honeypots, which are controled opossition or else.

I cant velive i am the one who had to make this thread

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 4


Help get this Trending.

Lets Give the Democratic Party to the Nogs and See What Will Happen.

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 4

Hyperborean Feels

>be me


>born in middle of battle

>Know "The Riddle of Steel"

>parents ded

>roam around lands


>spend all my copper on whores and wine

>join band of renegades

>become leader

>waste all my copper on whores and wine

>kick out of gang

>kill everyone

>roam around more

>steal from a rich guy

>waste all my copper on wine and whores

>roam around more

>join band of mecenaries

>become leader

>fuck shit up. Hard

>waste all my copper on whores and wine

>roam around

>fight mythical beast


>fuck whore imprisoned by beast


>steal gold

>waste it all on whores and wine

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 4


After embracing national pride and capitalism the people of the slavic region have been so free and so stable! this video proves it.

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 4

Anonymity is your veil

Anonymity is your veil, you loathsome creatures hide beneath your rocks like insects. Your ideologies are doomed to fail based purely on human nature, eugenics will be abused by the aristocracy, fascism always concludes in the totalitarian rule of an incompetent man. Fascism is inherently flawed, it's birthed by a pissant group of pseudo-intellectual edgelords. Enjoy your deprecating corners of the internet, it won't last long.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

A World Without Whites

Let's have fun /pol/

Let's imagine that whites have been taken off world to another planet by daddy Hitler leaving all nonwhites back on earth.

>Half of the black population starves to death without foreign aid.

>Africa is mostly unchanged outside that

>Jews are able to force arabs into europe now that it is empty and create greater israel

>Sandniggers use European nuclear stockpiles on each other and kikes leaving the middle east and israel glowing

>Remaining jews try to subvert the Asian countries such as Japan and Korea

>They fail and get rounded up and there is no pathological altruism to save them

>Remaining arabs try to colonize the Americas but are soon locked into a war of attrition with the native Indians.

>World becomes a war torn nightmare.

>White privilege realized.

R: 298 / I: 1152 / P: 4

Art thread

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4


Remember when Britney Spears shaved her Head.

Look at What she was Wearing.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

ANTIFA cuck un masked

this is Daniel marsh an Antifa cuck. currently posting patriots fb profiles and personal details amongst his lefty scum pals. please share his details on and feel free to give his fb profile a visit @ mash svoboda

R: 17 / I: 1 / P: 4

Trump's Department of Energy Pick

Rick Perry


>Couldn't even remember the name of it while he was the governor (an active politician.)

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4


Check out this hilarious #DumpTrump protest footage playlist from Milwaukee, WI.

WATCH https://youtu.be/ke6zS6tzklQ?list=PLoQTg3myRNTef0LhqUXcuLfoihyzih32B

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Where are the North American National Socialists

Are there any far right groups, natsoc groups in the USA that aren't full of cringe? Its just real fucking depressing at this point.

Even any good online reading groups, social circles. I have looked everywhere.

We need our own Nordfront, Casapound, nothing less, no degenerates, no baggage. Political Soldiers.

I havent been back on Skadi forum since it returned, but that is basically my last hope. They even nuked the Odalist forum the other month.

R: 11 / I: 4 / P: 4

So Redpilled, I blue pilled myself

I'm so woke I'm at a stage of not caring or questioning. Basically blue pilled.

Everything for the past 2000 years is (((their))) teachings, which are wrong.

Humans don't know shit till they are told.

So whatever we know is pure bullshit.

All I can trust is what I see in "reality"

Right in front me.

Then again, what if this "reality" is just another of (((their))) lies?

So basically, everything we know is bullshit including reality.

I have no answers.

I have no questions.

I just seriously don't fucking care anymore.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 4

Is moon man right about muslim women?

Just found this new moon man video and he is ranting about Muslim women. Is he right? Red pill me on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpR7BU8466M&t=66s

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

big dicks


hey nigGAS, JOIN THIS PoLiTiCaL discord

if u eat my big dick i'll give you two rusty pennies

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 5

/pol/s dream

/pol/ is this what living the perfect dream in the eyes of white nationalism is?

R: 21 / I: 3 / P: 5

Polchan: The National Socialist Image Board



Like everyone else here, I got tired of 8/pol/'s moderation being corrupt and incompetent. I decided to take matters into my own hands and created my own image board. It is solely for /pol/ and its related boards, and my goal for it is to be even better than 8/pol/ ever was. There is also dedicated boards for art, philosophy, archives, history, and off topic posts.

Also, although the name is "The National Socialist Image Board," it will by no means be a hugbox. I won't just delete threats that disagree with the norm and will encourage logical debate and discussion. Blatant shills or trolls will have their posts deleted, and posts with little merit at all might. It won't be a "no fun allowed zone" though. Jokes and stuff are fine as long as they're not detrimental to a thread. Also there is an off topic board where people shitpost as much as they want.

One of the biggest problems with 8/pol was the corrupt moderation. I won't have donations (unless I absolutely need to in the future) to make it difficult for me to be bribed, and will always be the sole admin. Any janitors and mods will have to go through a rigorous process and will be closely watched by me.

If you're worried about me being a shill or something, I can assure you I am the sole person with access to the server and am not being influenced by anyone else. If you're really worried, use the tor link (the fact that that's there should be proof enough). There's also no Google captcha or tracking Javascript or anything like that.

Sorry I didn't post here sooner, I actually forgot about this place lol. The thread on /polmeta/ got deleted and the endchan thread got spammed by schizos.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5

Autismblocks server shill

This server is based of the /pol/andcraft server but with pirates enabled.

To get on this server you will need a cracked launcher that you can easily

find online: https://mc-launcher.com/sub/launchers/free/minecraft.html

Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5s_PRfh4dk

Our IP is: server.polblocks.tk

Read the rules presented at spawn, and walk away when you are ready

[1] No pvp hacking, if you are caught you will be banned

[2] No asking for op like a faggot

[3] Shitposting is allowed if you add a ironic twist

[4] No apolitical factions

[5] No raiding without reason or memeraiding

[6] Aways praise kek

R: 10 / I: 5 / P: 5


Posted this on halfchan thread received 0 non bump replies and was archived in 15 minutes. halfchan has finally become shills from across the globe shilling other shills.

Ill post it here to you guys interested in seeing your responses.

So Burger bros, why aren't you doing the following.

1. find four gun (ar-15) owning employed whites willing to kill coons.

2. hit up craigslist for someone looking to sell cheap 4 door cars. (200-400 dollars)

3. buy bump-fire stocks.

4. roll into coonville in aforementioned suv death mobile (preferably magnetized plates and grind the numbers off of the engine) + 1 other clean cruiser vehicle.

5. bring duffel bags for rifles, jerry can of petrol.

6. park the cruiser on the outskirts of coontown in an area without surveillance.

7. load up in death mobile find a pack of niggers bonus points for gang colors.

8. Sweep the streets, land hits because you're not niggers

9. Return to cruiser guns concealed in bag, torch death mobile load up in cruiser return to civilisation.

10. Let 'gangland gun violence' take the blame and avoid having to worry about any suspicion pointing back too you.

Repeat twice a week.

So burgers explain yourself! Why aren't you engaging in acts that will bring meaningful change toward making america great again?

You talk a big talk about your guns and muh day of the rope but do nothing about the problems in a country that literally equips you with every thing you need to get away with it. Could it be that even with guns probably cause and an alibi you don't have the balls to enter niggerville, or perhaps you're one step more cucked and can't even kill the men raping America?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIeA-l7k4wM [Embed]

All those guns but zero balls.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 5

God Emperor

So, Adobe Photoshop, after 6 years was finally able to contact the activation servers. Forced to meme with very limited toolset, talent, skillz.

this is actually first time I attempt to draw the pepe, comments? questions? advice?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 5

How does degeneracy in the entertainment industry effect society?

How does degeneracy in the entertainment industry actually effect people /pol/? Gimme some straight facts. Not your opinions or meme pics, but actual data backed up by studies, numbers etc..

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 5

Jewess Harassing Richard Spencer's Mom


tl;dr Jewish realtor in Whitefish, MT is harassing Richard Spencer's mom so that she will sell her property and give the shekels to an anti-White cause. Sherry Spencer has disavowed Richard Spencer's views, but since she is a decent mother, still loves her son. No good for the Jews. They want blood. Even if you don't like Spencer understand this a Jew harassing an innocent goy for being related to Richard Spencer. Let's fuck up her shit. Don't do illegal shit ok FBI

http://www.kulr8. com/story/34036263/a-community-and-a-family-torn-apart-by-richard-spencers-notoriety

>One of those detractors is Tanya Gersh, a prominent member of the community, who told me in an email: "She (Sherry) is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization.”

>Tanya says she does have a problem with it, though. She says, Sherry "Could address this by selling the building, making a donation to human rights efforts, and making a statement in opposition to white supremacist ideas spread by Richard."

http://www.rawstory. com/2016/12/neo-nazi-richard-spencers-mom-faces-financial-ruin-as-montana-town-turns-against-her/comments/#disqus

>Spencer lives part of the year in Whitefish, Montana, where his parents live and his mother owns property.

>“As parents, we deeply love our son, as we always will,” Sherry Spencer told the TV station in an email. “We unequivocally do not agree with the extreme positions espoused by Richard.”

Let Tanya know how you feel

http://loveliveshereflathead. org/mission.html

https://www.linkedin. com/in/tanya-gersh-22191b39

https://www.trulia. com/profile/tanya-gersh-agent-whitefish-mt-zg825qcd/overview

https://twitter. com/gershtanya

http://tanyagersh. com/

Tanya Gersh Event Design, LLC

(406) 261-4830


http://purewestrealestate. com/agents/detail/TanyaGersh

Office: (406) 862-4900

Mobile: (406) 261-4830

Fax: (406) 862-4950

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5


what does politically incorrect even mean? now dont mind this text….. i want to f u l l f i l l m y 7 4 c h aracters for m e to post :-:

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

/dbg David Brock General - PG edtn!

Test for permaban.

I was personally permabanned from one of the 4ch janitors for doxxing Alefantis and being one of the moderators of the original pizzagate subshiddit. Long live pizzagate! Long live /pol!

Let me know if you have any questions about pizzagate I have many gigs of data backed up for insurance and will be on an stoned for a few hours…

R: 13 / I: 5 / P: 5

Catalan Nationalisim [Serious]


Global Context and Economics:

Considering a theoretical point of view, the ‘optimal’ size of a state X is determined by a trade-off between two opposing forces. On the one hand, economies of scale and the border effect (i.e. political borders hamper trade) create a force towards larger countries. Such benefits are especially pronounced in areas such as economic markets and defense. On the other hand, heterogeneity of people’s preferences with respect to culture, the legal system or welfare, embodies a force for smaller countries.

These two forces have shaped the structure of the states throughout history. I wont get into that deeply. In the Congress of Vienna to the beginning of the First World War, the number of countries more than halved, implying that states, on average, became larger.

After the Second World War, the second wave of globalization began. International trade reached higher levels and the number of countries multiplied to over 190. At the same time, international collaboration in the form of international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, emerged. While this new era was characterized by political fragmentation regarding the nation state, larger markets were created through international cooperation and sacrificing economies of scope.

The creation of supra-national organizations enabled countries to exploit economies of scale irrespective of their size. As supra-national entities took over functions such as defense, which had previously mandated a larger state, even small states were able to thrive. At the same time, competencies such as culture, law and order and the welfare state remained on national agendas, as cultural globalization proceeds more slowly than economic globalization. All in all, it seems that the homogeneity of constituents’ preferences has become a more decisive determinant of a country’s size in the second wave of globalization.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 5

Redpilled Brown v Board of Education

For one, the Supreme Court had decided on segregation eight times before Brown v Board came along. They decided, each time, that however unpopular some may see segregated institutions as, the federal government doesnt have the authority to intervene in a state's internal affairs.

The last time they decided on segregation before Brown v Board, the court wrote in its majority opinion that there was no excuse for the question to ever be brought before the court again. (source: book “Nine Men Against America”) So to justify Brown v Board, the court used "modern science" to look at race relations. Sociology specifically. They looked at "the doll experiment" which showed how black kids wanted to play with a white doll over a black doll nevermind that a small child placed in a lab room and being asked weird questions by a creepy adult cant possibly affect the child's thinking.

Result of the doll test showed that segregated schools made black children feel inferior, thus they had to sit next to a white kid to learn. This was insulting to blacks in America and a few years later, with the reasoning these stupid coloreds had to sit next to white kids to learn, you had whites being bussed out of their neighborhoods to black schools and blacks being bussed out of their neighborhoods to the white neighborhood. Ask your grandparents about that.

A result of Brown v Board is that schools all over America fell under federal regulation vs state regulation, resulting in tremendous cultural subversion ever since. According to civil service examination records in the Korean war, 80% of blacks drafted met literacy requirements. (source: The underground history of education by John taylor Gatto) 80% of blacks dont graduate high school today.

Race relations were uneasy before Brown v Board but were progressing. The court decision caused a social upheaval which lit a spark inciting racial violence which set race relations back fifty years and would have repercussions for decades to come.

One of the "authorities" the supreme court used was the 1500 page sociological text "An American Dilemma" by Gunnar Myrdal. The writing of this text was funded by the Carnegie Corporation. Myrdal, a swedish socialist and former head of the swedish eugenics program had over sixty associates working with him on it. This text, cited in the majority opinion, calls for population control measures against all peoples (so fighting over resources wouldnt cause racial tension), abolition of the constitution, extending population control to blacks more than whites and for blacks to cause "social disturbances" so in the name of ending chaos the federal government would grant them equal rights.

Several of the people who worked on this text were eugenicists. Eugenics had always been seen as BS science by ordinary people, but people were forced by popular media to see it as legit. WW2, a war against eugenic madman Hitler ended up causing eugenics to lose legitimacy altogether in America. Brown v Board gave legitimacy back to eugenicists, rebranded "sociologists" whom would use their "social science" to choose what was best for how people should live.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsxwRJZfmMM Go to that video, go to 32:30 and watch for five minutes.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 5

Black to Africa

Some Black people have decided they should deport themselves and live like KANGS N QUUENZ N' SHEEIT back in Africa. https://www.facebook.com/BlackKingsAndQueensProject/videos/1154299084646645/

This is to be encouraged.


#BlacktoAfrica #ComeHomeBlackMan #Blaxit

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5

Obama's excessive war crimes

So how exactly did Obama get away with destroying Libya by arming salafi extremists, blowing up 1000s of innocent people and getting black Libyans ethnically cleansed?


R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 6

439 unexplained surplus podesta mails


while the single podesta mails on the server file.wikileaks.org are missing, there are several hundred more than there should be on the server wikileaks.org

the server [2] ( called fwl from now on ) hosts all leaks wikileaks made and [1] is where the single mails should be available. apart from being down or very slow most of the time, every link gives 404 ( try urself ). the page source shows hard links as usual on that server so the files seem to be missing ( pic 4 related ).

the server [3] ( called wl from now on ) is kind of front end for normal ppl to browse the recent leaks more easy. the single podesta mails are accessible there. [4] shows empty search with 58660 results, the number google suggests when searching for the total count after batch 36.

[5] is an example of an email id higher than [4] suggests possible:

> Hey John,

> We know you're a true master of cuisine and we have appreciated that for years …

> But walnut sauce for the pasta? Mary, plz tell us the straight story, was the sauce actually very tasty?

> Love to all the Podestas from the Steyers!

> Cheers,

> Jim

if you change the url in your browser, the highest valid mails id seems to be 59258. it is possible to download them via [6] in one go in .eml format with attachments. i used FSlint to get rid of duplicate mails and there are 59099 unique mails after that. the official 58660 - 59099 = 439 surplus, unexplained mails.

pic 1 is downloading some single podesta mails via wget. ips are normal looking hosters. now the part i dont understand:

pic 2 and 3 are from when i first looked into this and im not able to reproduce the ips as source for the wget and curl commands as i was back then. thread about it was probably too old and is now deleted ( not sure, newfag ). interestingly using ips of [8] with ping, wget, curl etc is possible as these are ( read: were at the point i tried, now look oddly outdated ) legit mirrors of wl. as far as i understood its possible i got there via a soft redirect ( 302 ) at the time and all this could be very normal page behaviour. the interesting part is that [8] belong to MIR-TELEMATIKI that has no own page as its a brand of hostkey[9].

imho identifying the surplus mails is the interesting point, with all the mir-telematiki stuff taking a back seat, but validating i did my own research and am not able to go further as my skills are low and my spare time rare atm.

there was also a lead that got me to this finding: if u search for 00:01 at [10]. only the podesta mail dir and the saudi-database.zip have said time stamp, its the first occurrence of that time stamp im aware of opposing the usual 01:01. also i got time stamps when i tried to load files like saudi-database.zip from specific wikileaks related ips. [11] is a spread sheet i used to gather data but lost the ability to edit. it should not be taken as valid in any form only reflecting my point then. under the server tab there is a list of the servers connected with fwl and wl.

ill try to answer questions regarding content of this post

ps: courtesy to how and how not to make threads: an 8chan guide , helping a newfag. i hope i did not fuck up and sry for poor english. ill try to archive and post the link. pic5: obligatory shitpost.

[1] https://file.wiki leaks.org/file/podesta-emails/Maildir/cur/

[2] file.wiki leaks.org

[3] wiki leaks.org

[4] https://wiki leaks.org/podesta-emails/?q=&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=6#searchresult

[5] https://wiki leaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/59229

[6] curl https://wiki leaks.org/podesta-emails//get/\[1-59258\] -o "#1.eml"

>remember to fix the broken link if u wanna try urself. other ranges work just as u think it should.

[7] https://whois.i cann.org/en/lookup?name=wikileaks.org


[9] http://www.datacentermap.com/company/mir-telematiki.html

[10] https://file.wiki leaks.org/file/

[11] https://docs.goo gle.com/spreadsheets/d/15X-vfKoRHXEJVn47fHNxydRMzoR5Ne002Gx44qLK91U/edit#gid=1522338368

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 6

Support Dies irae nazi ero visual novel on Kickstarter! (Real Nazi included.)

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1986219362/dies-irae-english-localization-project-commences/description

Only eight days left and the goal has not yet been fully reached!


Dies irae was first released in 2007 as the urban fantasy battle opera "Dies irae -Also sprach Zarathustra-". After several re-releases, the story was completed with the release of the 2012 version "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~" on the Playstation Portable and PC.

In 2015, a crowdfunding project was launched to fund an anime based on the game. The initial goal was 30 million yen, but with the aid of 5188 amazing backers, we were able to shatter Japanese crowdfunding records and raise a staggering 96,560,858 yen! The anime is due to be aired in 2017 and is currently under production. We've decided to distribute it in English-speaking regions as well, so be on the lookout! Make no mistake, we're emanating a wave of Dies irae on a global scale!

"Dies irae" is a one-of-a-kind urban fantasy battle opera. The foundation of this story is laid in the climax of WW2-era Germany, but the true design doesn't come to light until six decades later in modern-day Japan. Monstrous beings known as the Longinus Dreizehn Orden have far transcended the limits of humanity. The very fate of the cosmos, the very Throne of God is laid bare and ready to be seized!

The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~" the fullest version of the game to date with various additional scenarios. Join us, brothers in arms! Help us bring about the advent of Dies irae in the English speaking world and the birth of a new era for us all!


May 1, 1945- Germany.On the eve of Berlin's collapse, a group of men and women carried out a certain ritual. To them, suffering defeat in the war meant nothing. If anything, the countless lives lost in the battle served as a catalyst to their sacrificial ceremony. Whether or not their attempt bore fruit ― not a soul knows. Following the war, they faded from sight, mind, and eventually into the realm of myth.

61 years later ― Japan, 2006.

Ren Fujii, a young man attending high school in Suwahara City, finds his friendship with his old buddy Shirou Yusa shatter to pieces following a certain incident, ending in a vicious fight that sees Ren hospitalized for two months.

The season shifts from autumn to winter ― to the dawning weeks of December, with Christmas on the horizon. Having lost his best friend, Ren leaves the hospital with the intention to rebuild his new life without Shirou.

But even that plan soon falls apart. Irrationality that defies the realm of common sense begins to assault and devour the city. Abnormalities soon seek to destroy everything Ren holds dear before his eyes with overwhelming violence.

He must change, even if it means crossing the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary. His desires are hardly anything grand. All he wants is to return to those days of old. Back to those days filled with simple, everyday joy.

The battle with the Longinus Dreizehn Orden. A continuation of that war full of madness, carnage, and maledictions. What future awaits Ren at the end of his road…?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6


*Take Action Now* Our friend and brother Kevin Crehan who was inturned by the British State for the trivial crime of leaving bacon outside a Pedo Mosque has been killed by Muslims in Prison. The antifa including the one pictured have been insulting Kevin's memory. We intend to show them on many fronts why this is not acceptable.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 6

Oy vey where to put my Shekels

Howdy /pol/. Coming to you with a little question, pic unrelated. I'm opening a bank account, and I wanted to know of there were any FDIC-insured banks that aren't run by (((Schlomo))). Any info helps, thanks!

R: 15 / I: 15 / P: 6

Possible information on Antarctica!!

Voat thread with juicy info maybe for smart people?

This is for the Podesta email Antarctica images with hidden info:

I saw people asking for potential password, the original email has a garbled Japanese text:


I realized you can transform the message into combinations of numbers and letters using this: Host Code Page 290 Japan (Katakana) Extended http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSEQ5Y_5.9.0/com.ibm.pcomm.doc/reference/html/hcp_reference12.htm

and the result would be:




Not sure if it will work but I hope researchers will see this and give it a try.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6

Shaved dog

Here's a little food for thought to get away from the shit we live in.

Is a dog considered naked after having its coat shaven off?

I would say that it is being that a dog obviously shows shame after being shaven. It's went through basically its whole life having a glorious coat to protect them from the elements that is then taken from them, leaving them exposed. That's just my opinion, but I'd love to hear some counter arguments

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 6

You all killed my dad

My father was killed because he, as a lathe operator, was overworked by his capitalist pig bosses.

The resulting exhaustion led to him dozing off at work and falling face first into the lathe. Pic related is the true picture of the scene and status of his body after he fell in.

Think about the fact that capitalism killed my dad when I was only a few months old next time you buy a new TV, iPad, or otherwise indulge in the capitalist death cult.

R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 6

Are Hungarian and Eastern European girls based?

Those of Us who dont like our women in North America, Western Europe and Scandanavia and even some central European countries tend to go to other countries where it may be easier to get women. I have been looking into eastern Europe and they appear to be far less cucked than Western or Northern Europe because I have yet to see a Hungarian woman or a Romanian woman or a Slovakian woman or a czech woman or a Moldovian woman with a black or muslim or turkish man, they have always gone with White guys. Infact I seen more Russia and Ukrainian and belarussian women with blacks and Turks and muslims than the aformentioned eastern european countries in the last sentence. If you live or have been to Hungary, Romania, Moldova, the Czech Republic and or Slovakia tell me your experience.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6

ITT: /pol/ advice

Great things are rarely done, in large part or in their entirety, out of the desire to do great things. Simply desire to assume the characteristics and principles a man who would do such things; the rest shall come naturally.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 6

Canadian reads their own "charter of rights and freedoms"

Has a brain malfunction.

Please get me out of this country, or have Trump annex us.

Also, anyone feel bad when they red pill someone??

Like you basically show them everything they know is a lie. All their hopes, dreams, beliefs, just gone………..I donno…….,maybe I just too sensitive, or empathetic or something……..

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 6

Lets Make Millo LGBTQ Nations Person of the Year!!

It looks like Milo is up for nomination for the magazine LGBTQ Nations Person of the Year. I think we can get Milo to be their person of the year: http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2016/12/vote-now-lgbtqnations-person-year/

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 6

KEKism is a religion of peace

KEKism is a peaceful religion. We just want muslims shot by our police in the streets


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 6

Has Romania fallen?

They just voted in a muslim female prime minister in a cojntry that is supposedly Eastern Orthodox. How long until you see islamic refugees in Bucharest and muslim men having sex with little boys and Romanian women leaving white guys for brown and black men? Romania is the first orthodox country to become a degenerate western nation.

R: 13 / I: 10 / P: 6

Meme Army: Annex canada

Everyone on the chan sites hates canadians.

Even President Trump hates canadians.

Living in canada, I can tell you, nothing would butthurt canadians more, than having to become American.

Let's meme the annexation of canada.

Oh ya, many digits already confirm this.


banned from 4chan…again….for shit posting in /x/


R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 6

Syria is sexually torturing democratic FSA women political prisoners

The Free Syrian Army stands for liberalism, secularism and democracy against the totalitarian Baath dictatorship. They have created Feminist militias to fight for freedom and equality.

But now FSA fighters as well as FSA women politicians have been captured with the fall of Aleppo and these brave women are forced to endure degrading rape slavery as political prisoners.

These Feminist soldiers were resisting the sexual war that Assad was waging on their gender. Now they will have to crawl naked and kneel publicly to Baath Patriarchy. this is the Assad ideology. they believe that by stripping these FSA feminists of their army uniforms and forcing them into feminine submission in their harem. fulfilling their natural biological role.

We at /pol/ need to support action to liberate these Feminist POWs and end their harem slavery

Any woman politician who supported democracy in Syria is now a political prisoner, and subject to humiliating strippings, painful tortures and are at the mercy of constant gang rape by Baath thugs

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 7


The final redpill on Trump. Don't bury your head in the sand on this one.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7

dronfs and dronfs some more

the great malaclypse the elder, who was younger than malaclypse the younger, and also came after him, came to the dronfs to say only one sacred and holy powerful word, "dronf." even though it was only said in a whisper, it's magic was so powerful it spread over the entire planet in an instant, and there were fnords no more.


I was myself the unwitting recipient of this prophesy while speaking with a strange cat about the power of language. just then in a vision momentarily I found myself disoriented and surrounded by strange people. out of their midst came this person with a neon name tag reading "malaclypse the elder".

he approached me, looked me in the eye as though he were a new born baby, and said "dronf.", and I felt the goodness in his voice and in his eyes mixed with understanding as an elder does. then I felt all my wordly cares vanish from me instantly. after a brief pause to see that I had received his word, he turned away with a twinkle in his eye, and vanished into the crowd. I could have sworn I saw robert anton wilson, john dee, and a few other folks just before I found myself in my chair at the computer with the cat, and not a moment having past.

it was then that I knew I would be his faithful disciple for the rest of my life. may the dronfs be with you!

that was today. earlier. just clearing that up. *winkyface*

the cat it's self is another anomaly. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but it's very friendly and artistic and might be related to these guys.


oh yes. I shant forget. the spirit of wise beard man appeared to me separately just as you see him depicted, and I knew he had also heard the holy dronf.

the nametag itself was something. we're not talking a neon coloured name tag. we're talking like an actual sign you would put in a shop window. I have no idea what it was powered by, but I'm pretty much certain it had to do with dronfs.

this is the sort of wyrdness that happens when you're an adult who knows that santa claus exists, and that there's a big difference between the name, and real character. you need to be a bit careful calling on nymphs, sylphs, pygmies, and salamanders, or you can get kidnapped by the fairies, lose the world to words as much destructive as they may have been creative. if you survive with your mind in tact, magic! then more rituals to perform over and over until the craft has become art.

at least that's the easiest way to explain my sorcerer's ways that wouldn't rival vogon poetry for it's ability to make your mind explode.

only "dronfs!"

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 7

America its time to act

Its time to act America for to long we have been asleep.

"George Soros" and everyone he is linked to is a terrorist to the US and a threat to our way of life its time to take him and all his corporations down with him. All these special Interest lobbing firms ALL need to be completely destroyed. .

as small groups its easy to take out the elite at many levels.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7



We need more allies to prevent us from getting shekelsteined to oblivion holy shit i got attacked by sand niggers and it was madness.

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 7

Vote no to mosque in Sweden

Hi /pol/

could you help me help Sweden here?


vote nej/no

Thank you

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

ITT: Reasons for the Anti-Pope to call a new crusade

Literally the only reason the Vatican exists and is independent today is because they built


>mercenary armies


>secret tunnels

>enough defenses to govern a normal country it's own size multiple times over

All in order to KEEP THE ITALIANS OUT. If they had built bridges for the pan-nationalists, they would be Italians RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Anti-Pope fucking when?

R: 1 / I: 5 / P: 7

Holy Law

Anything is morally incorrect besides systematic organization with respect to the document proof I've attached here. My work in the field of Mathematics is easily accessible on facebook. Victor.

R: 4 / I: 3 / P: 7

The Neo Nazi Christian Party of Guatemala news

I've seized so far Brazil, Austria, Germany, the United States, and Mexico. Mexico is doing well GDP wise by the way thanks to good application of my Mathematics. I've been admitted to Dartmouth College for both my A.B.'s and Ph.D's. Join us if you value Christianity with respect to the bible, beauty, positivity, and nature. Also many white Americans have said in the past that Guatemalans are ugly but that's actually not true because it's the case that many individuals in Computer Science or selfish groups layer noise, dirt, and deformities to our images. We'd like to be friends with a morally right set of Computer Scientists to remove that permanently. I do know it's possible now that hacking is completely stoppable with the P Versus NP problem. Victor, Adolf Hitler's favorite son.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

COD Ghosts: Disturbing question

Just finished the game, pretty neat if you ask me, best last COD. I dont know who's a fan of the game over here but I have one question on my mind, the one's who played it will understand what i'm talking about. The people we fighting against, this is spics we're talking about. How can they be so developed? All these gears, space shooting, underwater soilder unit, this is fucking spics. This South America for fuck sake. Couldnt they make it some european country or Soviet Union renunited or something, gives me the trigger ffs

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7

I interpreted the message Lord Kek gave us through Shadilay

cosmic absolute, regular reality (MEME MAGIC IS AN ABSOLUTE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE)



I fly towards the universe, I'll pass through it (ALLMIGHTY KEK FLIES TO OUR PLANET TO BRING HELP TO HIS PRAYERS)


oooh oooh



shadilay shadilay oh no (DON'T ABANDON US, KEK!)


shadilay shadilay oh no (DON'T ABANDON US, KEK!)

(you) fly into my life, no it's not finished (CONTINUE TO HELP ME, BECAUSE THE BATTLE IS NOT FINISHED)


set my sails, in the sky or at the bottom of the sea (IN OUR SKIES AND SEAS!)




confused descendants of rebel cells (/POL/)

I fly towards the universe, I'll pass through it (KEK FLIES TO THE EARTH AND BRINGS HELP TO HIS PRAYERS)


oooh oooh


shadilay shadilay my freedom (KEK BRINGS FREEDOM TO AMERICA!)

shadilay shadilay oh no (DON'T ABANDON US, KEK!)

shadilay shadilay oh dream or reality (MEMES ARE OUR DREAMS, BUT THEY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN IN REALITY!)

shadilay shadilay oh no (DON'T ABANDON US, KEK!)

(you) fly into my life, no it's not finished (CONTINUE TO HELP ME, BECAUSE THE BATTLE IS NOT FINISHED)


set my sails, in the sky or at the bottom of the sea (KEK IS EVERYWHERE)


R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 7

"Daesh is the real Islam" says French Journalist on live TV


A French Journalist says that Daesh is the real islam on live TV, and denounces the hypocrisy of bombing Daesh while siding with Saudia Arabia which also applies Sharia Law. TV Host quickly shuts down the debate.

This is a channel I have started, I intend to translate many French videos of leftists and SJW's getting rekt.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 7

The Chief Auditor of NATO has been found dead, death was ruled a "suicide"

The Chief Auditor of NATO has been found dead, death was ruled a "suicide"


* The dead auditor was a Luxemburg private banker before he joined NATO.

* One of his friends lived 500m away who was owed 45000 EUR by the deceased

* It is a bit strange that the weapon was still in his right hand but his family says he was left-handed. Also the weapon's recoil cannot leave the weapon in the hands of a person who is dying.

* The night before his death he was partying with his friends, and planning to go on vacation with his family.

==More information==:



==What this could be related to==:

Huge pedophile networks shock police in Norway: http://www.newsinenglish.no/2016/11/21/huge-pedophile-networks-shock-police/

The General Secretary of NATO is Jens Stoltenberg, who was placed there via Clinton Foundations bribes:https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/the-noway-clinton-foundation-obama-links-corruption-to-create-world-war-iii/

NATO White Helmet connection to Syrian terrorists.: https://off-guardian.org/2016/10/05/fact-sheet-on-the-white-helmets/

People need to start looking in to NATO weapons shipments to parts of Europe that they claim will "send a message to the Russians."

Many of them are actually being used to covertly form an EU Army.

Merkel gets more desperate with each country that starts to leave the EU and it makes one wonder what a cornered dog will do to stop that trend, or what she might allow to happen (ISIS events).

BTW shameless plug for my website which is an aggregator for fake news: https://quibbler.press/#/

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

New redpilling discovery

I just found the way to red pill any christian especially blacks in general!

(I redpilled a black women)

1. Warn them about the Jews and tell them what they have in the Talmud

2. Mention this verse that the jews have "Jesus is boiling in hot excrement in hell"

3. Tell them how they faked the holocaust with debunked photos

4. Tell them what black lives matter actually does and facts about homosexuality the media doesn't warn about

5. Recommend a spoonfeed page

6. Just wait til the aftermath

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 7

Young white guys in their late teens and early 20's are stuck being virgins in these countries

>>United States



>>New zealand


>>United Kingdom (including the Falkland Islands)
















>> Italy

>>Greece (Including Macedonia)






>>Central America

>>south East asia



>>south korea



The afformentioned countries are the countries that are nearly impossible for a younger white guy to get any woman because the women in these countries dont like white guys unless he has money or looks like channing tatum, usually women from these countries only like black men or middle eastern men.

These are the countries where I hypothesize that it is more easier to get a woman from:





>>Ukraine (at least the eastern part of it)

>>Syria (at least the christian women and non religous muslim women)



R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

rare footage of Hillary getting arrested


I died watching this.

Merry Christmas pol!

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8

A primer on modern /pol/ shilling


>some jews are okay lol

>israel is good because jews will keep to themselves

>based <jew or muslim>, why did we dislike them??

>wow why do you hate muslims they're just victims of the jews false flags (you have to love one or the other if you're a kike puppet)

>some jews are actually pro-white like us! we should ally with them like hitler did! (ignoring that hitler would not sign the haavara agreement if he knew they'd create the holohoax)

Too many newfaggots will see the well poisoning and believe it, especially if you just glance at posts here. The poison is seeping. Their poison will ultimately be our death.


We propose:

a) no more browning the west

b) no more supporting the EU and UN (who are indubitably arms of the Jewish political class's dominance)

c) no more warmongering with russia to distract russians and americans from their interior (jewry) problems

d) NO support for Israel, or other "good muslims". Be it in finance or military. Cut them off at the root. Watch them infight without our feeding hand.

e) NO more foreign aid to areas for the sake of foreign aid. Foreign aid should be used only to help a nation after a disaster. An annual stipend in the form of "aid" is theft from taxpayers and facilitates third world nations having exploding populations (who then flow across open borders into europe, russia, and the USA)


Their new playbook is trying to DISCREDIT positive policies and poison the well


Notice an increase in pro-jew threads lately?

Notice a massive bump in "jews are okay if they stay in israel goy" and "muslims arre just victims of the jews"/"false flag semites dindu nuffin" shilling?

Notice shills saying "trump is le dividing zionist jews against other jews! Look at how publicly upset these jews are toward him!!" and then ignoring how jews will publicly play enemy with their allies (a la USA and USSR to distract both their citizenry) to facilitate destroying host nations?

That's not a coincidence. They play both sides. They know they must neuter "nationalism" in it's rebirth and mould it appropriately.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8




R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8


I have been to many of these in the past.

They are as degenerate as they come.

So long!

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8

Tyler Truitt



Tyler Truitt is a veteran who owns two acres of land in Madison County, Alabama. He and his girlfriend live off-grid

in an eco-home with solar-panels, rainwater collection, the works.

They arn't tied into utilities. He got fined for it, court told him you can't live there.

He goes back to his house and gets thrown in jail for living on his own property.

What do we do pol? do we do anything?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8

What are these

Anyone interested in this imported intel from halfchan?

Please don't ban me I am blind and do not know what's in the pictures.

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 8

The Emperor

When will Soros die?

Let's let kek decide

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8


left-wing party celebrate a voting to determine leader. 1º 41% 2º 39%. original hippie leader vs new kid leader.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 8

The Wikileaks Insurance files

Did anything come from those guys who thought the wikileaks insurance file keys had been posted?

Are they still alive?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8



>pulls a terrorist "prank" on a plane

>doesn't get shot

>bitchs about getting kicked off

>plays the islamophobia card

>it worked cause it's 2016!

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 8

Eastern ''Europeans'' BTFO!

Germans, Italians and the Duch are the only Europeans who actually contributed to the betterment of the human race in a meaningful way… the rest of europe pretty much consists of slavs.

Prove me wrong, lets see whom of you knows their history.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 8


ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.reddit.com/r/pizzagate/comments/5dzwji/hi_i_am_the_guy_guy_2_that_hacked_wethepizzacom/

Apparently someone got 2GB of data containing CP from wethepizza.com dont know if troll or not. Can someone brute force?

PGP MESSAGE wYwDBEs+Sjb8WNoBA/0Yo2kIjHZ+OufZZzXGzZNnFoUl/aYiwnfdHv2fXAhj 6tbVUWUYgIUCvNEKySNpGLt385hJ5LpEL9UHsmbNKWlYHWpNc0e9lJJgebr3 6ZlLmqf/FUcTQlM7uU5HdadgbaX2OtOiFF3bxSc0rt04/1qCPgLf5k1UuSk+ wd94/L5DidLApgFLz9nImLvia+oTM5tYoQ4oW8yiTVB/RwoBZlRCGdQtBEVm D/jQn0Ike26L76IcmwdQakfLr0zETOthkpXizPgAvmx0Zko6Dduiwj0YrCZk OrnopmhVNvK374wv7WJoECNhReCaAFG6prCNbWuHFmC+pAP0fqbMhxn2sCE5 N9o4jHSI1JwycRJlDCZamuQSvkbsuyQGG8fz/YOEv4l24ZGgAsyoaORpOg7/ XlUotBUYsfeVJm+CeKO/RXl/X9xqLooQ/dopP9qXoTfeYxq5uOW0LI8LiQXf JapqTyMUwHSu4KyBMY1vtOqZZJTuULDmquSdgVyP5EttOXIRAd5ciQtCZDvF 300m7lBKsegZIQQ9w583BQ7QKK/cKVt+qReyIQXUl68FfaYecYa9Z8ObaB7S C1jRq2xzaMzrB2kaM43gAmSuYsavFGAXLwMj41wrZIetc3V82yyJ0dWGCjsQ /jWN98JHVMA= =Xy+W

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8

Turk Roach memes

Does anyone have anymore of these???

They are just way to00o gooood

Please post

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8

Gun control

Could someone give me the evidence on how sandy hook was a scheme to tighten gun control. I'm too lazy to search through /pol/ to find it.

R: 77 / I: 15 / P: 8

Pizzagate Eyes Wide Open


here you go anons, enjoy.

Not perfect- i know. I know.

R: 10 / I: 4 / P: 8



It seems he is only wounded for now.

The Americans are pushing for a war with Russia, well, the Obamas and Clintons plus world big cats.

Turkey is a strategy poing with Nato, geopolitically.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

my daughter had to ask me why she was a meme. SHE IS FOUR!

Where is that hateful meme you guys?


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

but...but...but islam its a religion of peace.......


the pope likes kiss muslim feets cause "tolerance…..

sweden protect rapist of kids cause "tolerance".

germany protect unadapted sociopaths who only want free money cause "tolerance"…

WTF its happen with this world, they all lost the common sense? not all muslim are bad but meen… like Brigitte Gabriel say, "the peaceful majoritie was irrelevant"… this shit its a joke in this point.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

Is Spirit Cooking just Zersetzung/soul destroying?

Why is Kanye being such a bitch about it?


The Stasi, or Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS) by its full name, defined Zersetzung in its 1985 dictionary of political operatives as

"…a method of operation by the Ministry for State Security for an efficacious struggle against subversive activities, particularly in the treatment of operations. With Zersetzung one can influence hostile and negative individuals across different operational political activities, especially the hostile and negative aspects of their dispositions and beliefs, so these are abandoned and changed little by little, and, if applicable, the contradictions and differences between the hostile and negative forces would be laid open, exploited, and reinforced.

The goal of Zersetzung is the fragmentation, paralysis, disorganization, and isolation of the hostile and negative forces, in order to preventatively impede the hostile and negative activities, to largely restrict, or to totally avert them, and if applicable to prepare the ground for a political and ideological reestablishment.

Zersetzung is equally an immediate constitutive element of "operational procedures" and other preventive activities to impede hostile gatherings. The principal forces to execute Zersetzung are the unofficial collaborators. Zersetzung presupposes information and significant proof of hostile activities planned, prepared, and accomplished as well as anchor points corresponding to measures of Zersetzung.

Zersetzung must be produced on the basis of a root cause analysis of the facts and the exact definition of a concrete goal. Zersetzung must be executed in a uniform and supervised manner; its results must be documented.

The political explosive force of Zersetzung heightens demands regarding the maintenance of secrecy."[5]

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

Idea of how to troll jewish Gersch woman harrassing Richard Spencers mum.

So this story about kikes trying to blackmail Richard Spencers poor mother got me thinking. So she is gonna sell the building now, why don't we gather money for the purpose of bying the building for NPI to have as a permanent office?

Or we could buy a building close by to were this gersch-jew is living and make that the one. We gotta show them their tactics wont work, that we will never yield but always keep going.


R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 9



Buzzfeed is the deepest shithole on the internet. They have strong links to feminism and liberalism and they're very racist against tyrone jamal. So send them hateful letters and critisize them for racism. Lets made get all the sjw's to think that they are racists

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 9

Reddit Clone

Why was it possible to create 8ch in a heartbeat, but people are not able to create a viable alternative to fucking Censoring Reddit.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 9

/pol/ BO pls respond


it isn't the same /pol/ without flags

Better yet, you can get them from link related


R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 9

Old cuck friends found out im redpilled, shitstorm ensued

Ever since being red pilled about Zionism and the degeneracy it's caused, I had to more or less give up on my social life since my friends were typical blue pilled cucks, like the rest of everyone up here in Ontario, Canada. Basically they invited me to a KIK chat room to confront me where a massive shit storm ensued. Holy fuck, I mean i hate Alex Jones for being a shill, but he certainly had a point about people worshipping the destruction of mankind. My friends were literally white knighting all kinds of degeneracy and resorting to nothing but ad hominems or Freudian shaming tactics rather than use any objective facts. Honestly felt kinda sad for them.

Is it really this lonely knowing the truth?

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 9

Ebola chan, the goddess of love and Afrocide

Ebola chan is the answer for saving humanity.

Have you prayed to ebola chan today /pol/?

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 9


Give me 9+.11 reasons why not to go steal Quran from my local islamic center, burn it and leave it on their doorsteps.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

petition for gender inclusivity!!


i need help getting support for this—-https://www.change.org/p/shia-labeouf-full-spectrum-gender-inclusivity-for-january-2017-national-geographic-magazine

its open sourced. reply on page to help write the letter.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 9

Youtubers flee to minds.com


>One can hear a lot of hue and cry around YouTube these days. The reason- YouTube’s new demonetization scheme according to which the world’s biggest video site is preemptively flagging some videos that have “non-advertising-friendly content.”

>Seasoned ‘Tuber Philip DeFranco was one of the high-profile to speak out, likening YouTube’s actions to “censoring” people by hitting them in the wallet.

>However, YouTube has refused any claims about policy change. While YouTubers have just started to complain that video about depression, videos with swearing, videos with controversial subject matter, and so on are being denied the opportunity to make money from ads, YouTube says the only thing that has changed is the way users are notified.

>The company issued a statement which says, “While our policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication to our creators.”

>YouTube’s policies indicate a number of reasons ads may not be displayed on videos: “Sexually suggestive content including partial nudity and sexual humor, violence, including displays of serious injury and events related to violent extremism, inappropriate language including harassment, profanity and vulgar language, promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items and controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies even if graphic imagery is not shown”.

>DeFranco, however doesn’t concur with them.

>According to him, appealing demonetization decisions may be easier now; however, YouTube has also accidentally revealed that clandestine demonetization has been going on for some time.

Minds remains both free and open source.



R: 97 / I: 44 / P: 9


Comet Pizza "Party":https://vimeo.com/190144149

Hot Dog Friday: https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/12/1223066_re-get-ready-for-chicago-hot-dog-friday-.html



R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

Where's Gex?

Did he migrate to one of the bunker boards or did he just leave imageboards altogether?

For those who didn't know, he's the one who made the open gates video. He ended up getting permabanned by imkampfy from 8/pol.


R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 9

Redpill me on Romania

Is Romania Red pilled like Russia and Hungary and Trump? Or is it blue pilled like Sweden and Germany and Austria?

How do Romanians feel about pislamic rapefugees in Romania? Has there been opposition or are the government and people welcoming them and the Romanian women fucking the Muslim and African men?

I know being gay is legal in Romania but how do Romanians feel about it along with degeneracy?

Romanians are orthodox christian.

Would you recommebd a Romanian woman to an American and canuck and British and German goy who have trouble getting women in their country due to too many coal burners?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 10

Stalin's victims or possible lack thereof

How likely is it that his murders, just as the murders of Hitler, have been vastly overblown afterwards? People are talking about tens of millions killed during a period when the population just grew and the gulag only rose in death rate when world war 2 started for the USSR and the food supply collapsed like it did for the German camps later on.

R: 8 / I: 5 / P: 10


We have come up with an idea that will put the media back in its place.

Spreading the word that comments = free press

and no comments=fake news

Big news sites have disabled comments to keep people from questioning the narrative.

They are allowed to publish anything they want without citing sources

Well, no more! We could use your help spreading this meme. I have some crude stuff, but nothing damning.

The goal is to make the media respond to this. Keep them on the defense while they die and alternative news grows.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

For all you typing folk out there

8chan pol essay contest. Winner gets the satisfaction of defeating communism .Marx was the ultimate chuck, explain

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 10

What are your top blue pill movies of 2016?

My top picks for blue pilled movies are Zootopia, Imperium, and the birth of a nation (2016 nigger version). What are yoir picks for blue pilled movies of 2016?

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 10

Australia is still white

I live in Australia and it still has the uncucked white culture and i believe it has the lowest DIE-versity. We do have a power of kicking out occupation by having a riot against it! Such as the "2005 Cronulla riots" where we kicked out DIE-versity and zionist occupation

I also said this to interest and motivate white people to coming to this uncucked country of ours without strict rules and not get eaten by cuckolds

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 10

Anyone think somebody is gonna assasinate supreme leader trump?

People say it but would anybody take the shot if the opportunity arose. Fuck this 75 char bullshit I'm asking a question

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 10


How the fuck do these niggers think that they can capture an island. Via the internet is beyond me.

They has aspirations of liberating Tuvalu from rising sea levels. And in return kick the owners off the land for not being able to do it on their own.

Is this possible?

They claim to want a trade agreement with china. and all sorts off bullshit.

Just because you fix something does that mean you can take ownership over it?

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 10

Stockholm demonstration NMR

I was at the NMR (Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen) Stockholm demonstration yesterday. Ask me anything!

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 10

Bandcamp is a satanist pedophile goldmine

Just start poking around. In 15 minutes I found:

https://bandcamp.com/alienrendel ("A dream to some….a nightmare to others!)




It started because I looked up cazadero and found this band. Definitely some creepy vibes when you look into the people liking the albums:


R: 10 / I: 46 / P: 10

Saxons went to Mars a long time ago...

Hail to the King!

Cydonia is now known as Nibisuky. Nebraska is the old Nibiru Sky.



R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 10

OP Subvert #Fakenews

So an anon a few days back on other pol, suggested hijacking the #fakenews bandwagon by starting infographics and memes of all the hundred if not thousands of blatantly fake msm articles and reports that's are phony with a graphic hashtag #fakenews and tweet this subsequently as #fakenews. The new commy mod I'm assuming archived it fast and it was being derailed and shilled immediately. Along with trump calling out cnn on fake news this op would be ingenious but per a friend I'm coming here to beg for you fags help to bring down the ctr and real fake news that is currently being spewed.. We could get Normie's to retweet it if we showed actual blatant fake articles and especially if they like trump and it is vs him or if it's a news station they have bias against. Anons you are our last hope, the shills wont allow this op but they idgaf about the censored comments shit because that will not probably have too much effect. I mean it might and by any means keep that effort but I think this is enginious and worth a shot. I won't be the op of the generals if this takes off I'm just a lowley meme trader.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10


A national white protest/voicing group has been labled a "terrorist" organization by the ADL: https://twitter.com/ADL_National/status/808355900746502145

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 10

Redpilled Jews Fighting Israel, Nwo and Zionism for over 100 years

Mass Jewish protests against zionism!

Jews Uniting Against Rothschild NWO


"The Tragic Irony

Misusing the Holocaust for Political Agenda"

>Jewish redpill on WW2.


"The Rabbis Speak Out

The 130 Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism"


Judaism Vs Zionism


Jews Against Zionism And Rothschilds


I can think of no better way to redpill normies than by making people aware of this.

>Kikes can't use antisemitism/nazi propaganda against true jews.

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 10

Secret Societies

Hello /pol/ for irrelevant reasons I am doing specific research on the structure of secret societies and organizations. I emphasize the word structure. I do not care about content and beliefs of them, only on a vague scale. For example, I am not interested in a book describing to me what freemasons believe, but I am interested in any passage on how they conduct their ceremonies, how they recruit, how they structure their ranks, how they keep power, how they maintain their secrets, how they become successful, etc.

Please link me to any content, whether it be books or online material that you may know of, or feel free to discuss it on this thread, or post anything you would like to discuss regarding secret societies. Secret society more specifically meaning an organization which for good or bad reasons must not allow all members to join and is not part of a government. For example, freemasonry, ku klux klan, thule, skull and bones

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

Please eyeball "Guide to Handkerchief Pizza"

I saw this pop up on VOAT and I have not seen it before and wanted to make sure the data is reviewed.


The Guide to Handkerchief Pizza



It starts with innocuous drivel about the history and origins of Pizza.

Then nestled halfway down the 2nd page it breaks into text strings that are out of context.

"A Y G F T D O, H E H Y T V"

"Y Brynner"

This could be "Yul Brynner" the actor

Then on the 5th page at the bottom is a reference to Algarve in 2007.

In spring 2007, I discover best pizza, from British expat to Algarve in Iberia

that's where Madeleine McCann went missing

It could be a hoax or bot making kindle books the date is very recent.

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 11

Is catfishing red pilled?

I am a 22 year old skinny white guy and I go on Tinder and I pretend to be a 42 year old big muscled black guy and I would fool some coal burners and and fool mostly sheboons. I put ny actual picture up and I got no responses but I put a picture of a black guy and I get tons of chat requests.

I believe what I am doing is simply exposing shallow females who have very rediculously high standards because none of them would date a young white guy like me so why not waste their time? I mean facebook and Tinder are degenerate anyway so why not fuck with the women that use them?

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 11

canadians; white niggers


This is just 1 day of surfing 4chan.

canadians are such shit tier people.

Will continue to add to this as time goes on

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

Discord REEEEE

Shitposting gallore server cum in and spray allong, we dig shitpost and faggot pics https://discord.gg/eRMXkgk .

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 11


In the episode of Spongebob where Spongebob and Sandy do so much karate that he ends up getting fired for it, karate was a metaphor for sex.

The episode starts with Spongebob coming home, looking out for Sandy to do karate with. Why would Sandy already be in his house, if they were not in a relationship? He looks around, sees she isn't there, then sits on the couch. She appears shortly after and tries to tackle him. Before Spongebob starts to go at it, he runs off, puts on his safety helmet and gloves, says "safety first" then winks at the camera before charging at Sandy. That would clearly be representative of condoms. Spongebob then starts announcing his special moves/techniques.

Later that night, Spongebob calls Sandy to try and do karate with her and she says "Nice try". This was clearly a booty call. The nexy day, they briefly do some karate that knocks her on her back at the grocery store. And at another point in time, she surprises him for karate on the way to work. This time, she says the karate will be long and merciless, and she grabs him by the tongue and makes it stretch really far. I suppose this could be cunnilingus. She tries to pour hot sauce on his tongue (the hot sauce comes alive and says he is powered by naughtiness) but this scares him so he backs off. This could be analingus. But then it turns out Spongebob's toy was fake, so that could be a metaphor for a dental dam or something.

At the Krusty Krab, Spongebob can barely get any work done because he can only think about karate with Sandy, and sees her everywhere. In his mind, she even winks at him.

Krabs asks Spongebob if he's on some new allergy med, possibly assuming his new level of "aggression" is a result of that. It gets so bad that Krabs has to tell him to cut off on the karate or he's fired. Sandy, not knowing this, tries to do karate with Spongebob but he doesn't consent, and he ends up getting fired. Sandy says it was her fault and Krabs gives Spongebob another chance so long as they stop with all the karate.

Spongebob and Sandy try to find things they can enjoy other than karate end go to the park to have a picnic. Both pretend they no longer like karate at all, but both are clearly fighting their desires to do it. Spongebob thinks of doing it right there but gets embarassed as soon as he says it. Sandy's desire to practice karate ends up going through the roof when she sees Spongebob doing karate-like chops with a sausage. Spongebob starts to feel the same, and eventually it reaches a breaking point and they go absolutely nuts, doing karate all over the park and making a bunch of sandwiches. The camera shakes and a tree is broken in half.

Krabs later is on a stroll through the park and sees Spongebob and Sandy together, Spongebob being in a very relaxed and laid back position as he ponders whether or not Krabs ever does karate. Krabs ultimately decides to hire both Sandy and Spongebob at the Krusty Krab because he realizes their karate is a really good way to make krabby patties. It ends up turning the krusty krab into a Benihana-esque place where the food is prepared live and it's somewhat of a show.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 11

Jews and the atomic bomb

So it seems that there's another thing we can thank Jews for:


How can we spread this information/wake people up to the fact that genocide is Jewish?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 11

Take down Jewingtonpost

Take down huffington post (((Jewington post))) by mass reporting on all social media accounts.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11

Norwegian nationalist group

Til alle landsmenn.

Vi er godt på vei med ambisjonen om en ny norsk nasjonalistisk ungdomsgruppe. Vi har planer om å skape en effektiv, reell og eksklusiv norsk gruppe, inspirert av andre grupper som nordisk ungdom, national action og identitær generasjon, som et friskt pust blant alle de mislykkede "nasjonalistiske" gruppene Norge har hatt tidligere.

Vi har foreløpig en Discordchat full av flotte likesinnede nordmenn, og ønsker så deg velkommen til å bidra og bli med i et norsk broderskap.

Link til discordkanalen: https://discord.gg/BEsbawy

R: 50 / I: 0 / P: 11

Reopening Sandy Hook



Time to re-open this basket of worms. Especially now that anons have tied pizzagate and sandy hook together.

>adam lanza's room had proto-pedo propoganda suggesting pedophilia should be normal- but no other indicators of his deviancy

> he then shoots 20 kids and 6 adults with 3-15 rounds of .322 rounds each, and 154 casings are found- but he fired 162 shots?

>most of it is closed casket, only noah pozner's funeral is described to the public..


"Noah Pozner, age 6 in 2012. He would be 10 today.

> He got hit with 11 rounds

You’ll probably remember Noah. He was a happy little guy with beautiful heavily lashed eyes and a cheerful smile.

In his coffin, there was a cloth placed over the lower part of his face.

“There was no mouth left,” his mother told the Forward. “His jaw was blown away.”

She put a stone in his right hand, a “clear plastic rock with a white angel inside.”

She wanted to put a matching stone in his left hand but he had no left hand to speak of.

> Is there pizzagate symbolism to the left hand missing? angel in the right hand?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 11

Praise kek.. NOW!!!!! CLEANSE KEBAB

We need to kek to help us hunt and burn the kebab.

>praise kek

>EU lets get the showers going again

>lets gas muslims

>praise kek NIGGER




R: 15 / I: 28 / P: 11

would a fascist America look like?

Honestly I don't think America can be fascist in the authoritarian sense, it just doesn't seem to fit the national character of Americans. Also the prospect of America being ethno-nationalist is very low unless we decide to gas all non-whites (which would be a logistical nightmare) so it seems as though we would have to segregate ourselves again. What would America look like if we were truly a fascist state?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11

Join this discord


R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 11

Question about 4Chan

Just recently I started getting the "Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again." No matter what I do. Do they want me to enable cookies so they can fuck me in the rear port?

I looked around scouting the CTR Lists possibly taking over Mod spots on 4Chan/pol/, possibly Clinton or some backer bought the site outright, possibly bought off Mods(?), ended up here, where you guys knew, posted on 4Chan, and got banned.

There's threads over there saying CTR was like 15-20 people, and nobody argues it. All a big mindfuck circus now I guess. Anyway:

How do I get past the "Spam" flag?

Is 4Chan completely taken over?

Who owns it now?

A tweet appeared saying Clinton money surpassed Milo's backer money.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 11

A New Level of Economic Idiocy

I don't know how I keep running across hippie garbage like this. For your cringe-tastic pleasure, I give you this shit: https://medium.com/@Busketeer/the-floom-conspiracy-17141774cfeb#.5iceuz2ma

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11



Last night was fun

Still in torture chamber

Another question. Do you two wanna have feb 14 valentines day dinner

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 12

Just wanted to share this video I found

This guy explains the fed pretty well. I never knew people rejected knowledge this hard just to get there point across, but that's leftism. Also post libtards being libtards.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 12

ny state governor is just a facist pretending to be progessive

created new law against window tints bad enough he created the NY safe act. also supported when a left magazine whom posted a interactive map of concealed permit holders homes.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12


Love Trump



R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 12

Dailyspergler finally shows it's true colors

>Bolshevist Failyspergler mourns the death of jewish commie Castro like the good goys they are

At long last, the pro-kremlin shill outlet known as Dailystormer has now put down its faux WN mask and is openly embracing bolshevist communist revolutionaries (in the case of Fidel Castro, iberian/marrano jewish to be exact) like the putinist shills they are.

Anyone who still thinks that the LARPy commie stormer is in any way pro-white after this is a fucking retard lmao


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 12

King Dude - Pizzagate

Just another Satanic musician with a history of playing with bands[SISU] that have played at Comet Ping Pong that is tired of you guys making fun of me because I have 'Pizza Time' tattooed on my stomach. #Sataniclivesmatter

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12



Look at the neck and the eyes at 4-7 seconds for proof of aliens. It's found in the hue shift.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12

Degeneracy in the west

What kind of degenerate country has Italy turned into? It seems they've reached a level of degeneracy greater than even Sweden.

Literally using the offer of oral sex to get "no" votes when they should've voted no regardless of the promise of fellatio. On top of that, the degenerate whore is literally going through with it!

How exactly do we end this sort of degeneracy in society in general? It is so rampant.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 12

Pizzagate Lead: Dental


I think it’s worth noting that some of Biljana Djurdjevic’s paintings have dental chairs and some of them are named the “Dentist Society.” I just saw the pics below on your site with the children with bloody teeth. Apparently human teeth are used in occult magic as well. Go figure.

[Her paintings. The "Barber Shop" also has a chair that could be used for similar purposes.]

Original: http://www.biljanadjurdjevic.com/Drawings.html

Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20150710123841/http://www.biljanadjurdjevic.com/Drawings.html

[His island with a dentist chair]

Original: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3688656/A-fully-equipped-dentist-s-chair-close-photos-young-girls-backsides-eerie-images-videotaped-walk-billionaire-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Florida-mansion.html

Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20161109023007/http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3688656/A-fully-equipped-dentist-s-chair-close-photos-young-girls-backsides-eerie-images-videotaped-walk-billionaire-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Florida-mansion.html

Can't find the original post of Rachel Chandler's pics, but they are at the bottom of this pizzagate summary:


Has anyone seen anything related to dental stuff on social media? Any of these people connected to dentist's offices or manufacturing companies?

I imagine if the pedo island flight logs are public knowledge, then shipping dentist equipment would be public info too, yeah?

Keep up the good fight!

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12

Unsolved Crimes

>Zodiac Killer

>Tamad Shud

>The Salish Sea foot mystery

Can anyone offer me a definitive answer for any of these or another unsolved crime? I'm looking to see if any neck beards maybe found something about one of these cases that was never public knowledge.

A missing clue or something that was overlooked. Fuck if i know.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12

Anarcho Mutualism is White Nationalist Anarchism

To all the Fascists and White Nationalists who despise the authoritarian nature of their preferred ideology.

Have you ever looked at Mutualism?

It is compatible with white nationalism in anyway.

White people can thrive under Mutualism and enjoy freedom.


I feel like all these lefties dont know that Mutualism can only work among white people.

They are dreamers and we know better!

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 12


Hi, new to infinty chan, what do i do

not even sure about notes

made a meme though

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12

share this


The eyes at 4-7 seconds reveal shift of alien hue. This is a white, tall white neanderthal hybrid according to the guy in the video.

R: 6 / I: 4 / P: 12

The Dark Arts

Can some one post all of them please? I can't find the rest of it. Also importend to know thread.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12



ALIEN EVIDENCE look at the eyes at 4-7 seconds for hue shift that is totally inhuman. He's a white, tall white, neanderthal hybrid.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 13



ALIEN EVIDENCE look at the eyes at 4-7 seconds for hue shift that is totally inhuman. He's a white, tall white, neanderthal hybrid.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

Firefox 0 day in the wild. Windows systems


Affects Firefox versions 41 to 50 that are running on Windows.

Tor Bundle which includes Firefox 45 is also vulnerable.

If you're on Windows, strongly consider dropping Firefox until this gets patched.

The exploit code has been published, so every hacker will be able to use it.

Archive link: http://archive.is/gU0Pw

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13


Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit Free shit

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13



A gingerly challenged film student. Wanker politic Brand. A very British, city orientated pile of crap. FUCK THEM

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13

The Swamp is Draining Right into the White House

>Once Donald Trump became the GOP presidential nominee, he railed early and often against Hillary Clinton. He lambasted her as a Washington insider, made snide remarks about her being bought and paid for by the Wall Street firms who hired her to speak to them, and suggested that her Clinton Foundation work meant she was in the thrall of lobbyists. Now that Trump has won the White House, of course, he's begun to fill his administration with exactly the same sort of Washington insiders, Wall Street tycoons, and lobbyists that he denounced just a month ago. The current list:

(pic related)

>What does this exercise tell us, beyond the fact that much of what Trump said on the campaign trail was hot air? Well, first of all, it tells us that it's hard to staff an administration without drawing on certain unpopular classes of people—i.e., Washington insiders, lobbyists, and Wall Street tycoons. The only pick on Trump's list so far that does not fit into any of these categories is Nikki Haley, and her selection has raised questions around the country (and the world) about her qualifications for the job. Beyond that, as the AP's Julie Pace and Josh Boak point out, this shows us that Trump is falling in line with his political party. The Cabinet (thus far) does not look much like a swamp draining, but it does look like a pretty traditional Republican cabinet. And so, Trump seems to be learning the same lesson as a number of his predecessors: An "outsider" campaign is all good and well, but the political parties exist (and have existed for centuries) for a reason.



R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

Well done burgers

This is your president, USA is now swden 2.0.

Fuck off kikes i hate america now.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 13

Fuck your safe space

Safe spaces are for children.

Boards like that are for children, for people who can’t understand the ways of other people and are not willing to see the perspective of other people, kill yourself.

There are no safe spaces in the real world, grow a pair and face us irl faggot.

Now go cry about how twitter is oppressing you or what ever you faggots cry about nowadays

R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 13

Migration Failure

You have ~30 UIDs on 8ch.pl/pol

8ch.net /pol/ has over 3000

Pic related is me in my new sports car

I'm going to make a /polrevolt/ board or something because you kids are not getting the job done.

R: 16 / I: 9 / P: 13


They've taken 8ch.net/pol/ OFF-LINE

Pizza censorship is in going into over-drive

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 13



R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13

/v/vpizzagate compromised

I need eyes on this so im posting this here.

If any of you have noticed, recently there was a post to v/pizzagate regarding the lead mod removing critically important information in regards to the pizzagate investigation.

User was banned.

THEN the lead mod removed every single moderator who started this investigation.

Afterwards he appointed 2 new mods with NO history and are unvetted.

Critically important posts continue to be removed.

voat.co/v/pizzagate is compromised.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13


Can we educate libfags that Hillary wants to wage wars and she is a warmonger

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

Unofficial /pol/ Discord group

Tired of having to deal with niggers with a muslim mentality on this board?

Seeking a white safespace online?

Not finding a group on an instant-messaging app with total free speech?

You are welcome to join us, even if you constantly repeat le "da joos" meme!

Join our discord, it's kosher and halal-free.*

*Only whites allowed


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13


Czy to teraz bedzie kurwa norma? Jak Merkel nie wygra wyborow to beda przeliczac glosy drugi raz?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

Reverse Racism

Some SJW cuck tried to tell me 'Reverse Racism' doesn't exist. They linked me this from the cuckpost. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/reverse-racism-isnt-a-thing_us_55d60a91e4b07addcb45da97

Why do libtards feel the need to rebrand a good ol' fashioned word like racism to make it only apply to whites?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 14

Pizzagate related :These sites are just fucking weird

>pic related


>pic related


>pic related

I've been online for 20 some years. Never in my life have I encountered such fucked up shit that is posted on these boards.

I hate the fact I found chan sites.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 14

8ch.net is kill

What happened?


R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 14

fuck black people

I live in student halls and my block contains 18 rooms so we all have this shared kitchen. Anyway, this one nigger keeps cooking his fucking nigger food, spicy chicken or some shit and leaves a massive fucking mess, he does not bother to clean up after himself. The worst thing is that he uses everybody's pots and pans, so because he has used them nobody can do shit like cook because he leaves a mess all over the place and does not bother to clean up after himself. I noticed he's also loud and obnoxious. He’s also invites his friends over a lot and they get drunk and play their shitty music outload all night. Another thing is he always takes peoples food! I went into the kitchen to see him helping himself to my bread, butter and juice from the fridge. I asked him what the fuck he’s doing and his response is “Shit dog, sharing is caring init, only a small bit init” I told him to buy his own stuff but he keep doing in. I’m hoping they kick the fucker out. People like him are the reason I went from being left wing to right wing. Fuck the blacks, fuck jews and fuck others. They’re all bad people. They are greedy and they are selfish.

pic unrelated

R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 14

Green Party personal info leaked, they work for (((SOROS))).

Jill Stein's running mate, Ajamu Baraka, has worked for at least two organisations funded by Soros



>"From 2004 to 2011, Baraka served as the founding executive director of the US Human Rights Network"

>"Baraka has served on the boards of several human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, the Center for Constitutional Rights"

Soros connection:



>"CCR [Center for Constitutional Rights] received contributions from […] the Open Society Foundation (founded by George Soros – $495,000)"

USHRN: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/11/04/united-nations-human-rights-council.html

archived: https://archive.is/7eXDR

>"Funding for the network and its Geneva submission apparently comes from the Human Rights Fund, an umbrella group whose steering committee of philanthropies include the Ford >Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Overbrook Foundation and an anonymous donor."


Now, this raises a few questions. Mainly why anyone would consider (((Stein))) a credible alternative to Clinton, when they're both getting paid by the same lobbyist billionaire.

It also casts doubt on any positions Stein and Baraka hold that'd be contrary to Soros' agenda. Like their support for Palestine/BDS, and their statements against the Soros-backed coup in Ukraine, and the corrupt Junta in Kiev.

Controlled opposition? Would be an explanation why Soros is indirectly funding them.

Let's take a closer look on the so-called US Human Rights Network:

>"What they apparently share, according to their mammoth Human Rights Council submission, is a militant vision of the U.S. as a malignant force."

>"The organization seeks "to challenge the pernicious belief that the United States is inherently superior to other countries of the world"

Well, oy vey, goyim, don't you dare being proud of your country!

That sounds more like something everyone's favourite Social Justice Merchant would come up with.

Now, Soros also has well-known ties to "Blacklivesmatter", something else that ties him directly to (((Jill Stein))):




In conclusion, Baraka is Soros' personal house nigger, BLM are useful idiots, and nothing the Green Party does can be taken at face value.

They're dancing to the tune of the Open Society Foundatiion.

Which brings me to the next point:

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 14


I call for doxxing of Green Party's website


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 14

Can somebody please fucking gas this fucker already?


If you weren't aware of Evalion's fucking faggot ass pedophile boyfriend here he is! Kikey McKikefest, his hobbies include gathering Evalion kiddie porn, getting highlights in his hair and crying like a little bitch. It's also rumored he has lost his ballsack in some accident. Fucking pathetic excuse for a human being. Oh and (620) 482-6043

here is this pedophile's official twitter


included is a screenshot of him thinking he's talking to Veronica, but he's not

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 14

George Soros


can we please discuss this? Is Soros actually just a visioneer?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14



If they want a recount of votes then they also want a CIVIL WAR


R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 14

4chan kill?

4chan /pol/ is 404ing all new threads. Has gook moot silenced them? Whats habbening

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14



We should start Anti Deceivement League (ADL)


R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 14


Why are the mods bump locking so many threads on 8chan? They are are even locking red pill and holohoax threads. Are they compromised? Is fullchan /pol/ finally kill?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14


the silent majority supports Polish Government…………………………………………………………………..

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

Does CNN have a supercomputer?

I think they do.

84 char 843434943234239494

char char char 930232392392392

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 14

We need dieversity for the restaurants

>planned on going to a chicken & waffle restaurant with friends. Find out place is already closed

>Somehow end up going to an ethiopian restaurant

>Presented with a plate of dry shit colored towel bread and "food" that is fit for a third world peasant

>You're supposed to wrap your towel bread around this runny shit called food and eat it with your hands

>Everyone thinks its absolutely amazing

>I think its a sad look into african living conditions


R: 145 / I: 10 / P: 14

WeThePizza update: Guy#1 presumed KIA. Our 3 letter friend is taking care of the rest of our botched


Hi, Guy#2 here, after nearly 24 hours we have been unable to contact Guy#1, he’s probably been either captured or killed. We are now releasing part of the deadman switch as we promised.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 15


Text me on Kik: xspacedreamin

Send me extreme gore or nudes.

I would like some bloody pics or your big dick pics.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 15



If America becomes Nazi America it won't be as small as Germany


R: 63 / I: 31 / P: 15

Regular /pol/ is dead

Oldguard /pol/ack since early 2012, here.

I've come to realize that /pol/ has been killed by the same Chanology moralfaggotry that killed /b/ in 2008 - 2009 (we need reddit colonies, we need to redpill le normies xxDDD, we must sacrifice /pol/ for le epin """"""redpill"""""[shitposts cancerfrog]). But I'm not giving up on it and leaving it either. The real 8gag /pol/ is fucking cancerous, full of surplus frogposters and spergs who try and subvert /pol/ and other boards. Any other alternative is dead as fuck.

I believe the influx of newfaggotry could easily be fixed by just making /pol/ a hidden board and slowing the post cooldown.

Anybody else feel the same way?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 15


Anyone got TOR for J2ME?……………………………………………………………………

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 15


>login to steam

>go to Hearts of Iron 4 store front

>vote for "Villain in need of a hug" award


>Liberal tears


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 15

idea thread

spam /r/pizza with voat / 8chan pizzag8 lynx. bet mods aren't even watching that shit.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 15


How can we use 'Divide and Conquer' against our enemies?


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 15

Salam Aleikum

>Salam aleykum my brother, your pizza has arrived.

That'll be $20.99 plus tips plus jizya tax

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 15

Journalists fuck Off

Lots of interest in the 'Alt-right'

Trying to define it and categorise it.

I think its an immune response desu

The cucks want to label us positively so they can go about attacking us.

Like how in the immune system you inflate an area .

Or in psychology you identify symptoms.

Isnt the best definition

"fuck off you liberal cuck and stay on the defensive"

All these shitty 'alternative media' female journos are cutting their teeth on the 'alt-right' because they are attracted to anything shiny and has the prefix 'alt'

So by all means, help these journos out, but make sure you fucking confuse them, prevent them from making concrete analysis. Just generally fuck them up.

Imo, we need to keep the 2008 'fuck off' contrarian mindset. Fuck real life, fuck normie media, and fuck you journalists who want an easy ride to 'coolsville'

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 15


I'd like to recapture. I think we may be at a rendezvous point. We know many politicians in US are corrupted

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 15

Should we ban foriegners coming to America if their native country's age of consent is lower than ou

I am saying is that the lowest age of consent here in America is 16 in most states, Mexico's age of consent is 12 years old and Nigeria is 11 years old, therefore since these countries are practically allowed to practice potential pederasty I wouldn't feel safe if they were over here and I think many parents would agree with me. Not only do I think that any man or woman coming from a country where the age of consent is less than ours should be barred from entering to our country but I also think that if that country has a pederasty or pedophile pandemic that their police don't do enough to combat then they should also be banned from coming to America until they either raise their age of conset to the same or higher number than us and if they improve cracking down on creeps and even in countries like in Africa and Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Iran where they practice child brides to old ass men should also be barred from entering the United States.

R: 6 / I: 4 / P: 15


Google is with CIA, CNN is with CIA, Cuckservatives have CIA advisors, McMullen trying to split votes was CIA.

NSA lead Admirl Mike Rodgers visited Trump. NSA was spying on globalist like Angela Merkel.

Snowden former CIA, leaked NSA secrets.

NSA was the leak source for Wikileaks. Scrubbed emails for public consumption. Snowden highly critical until Assange went missing.

The NSA has been on our side the whole time fighting against the crawl to power of the CIA.

R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 15

Starving Auschwitz prisoners

So I heard claims that the prisoners in concentration camps were not treated as badly as everybody says they were. How come the prisoners are so skin as though they were about to starve when they were liberated by the Allies? Is it a symptom of Typhus? Please give sources to your claims.

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 15

This is how French Special Forces deal with ISIS in Syria

The Epic moment French Special Forces destroy an ISIS kamikaze car near Raqqa. Get rekt Isis.


R: 3 / I: 3 / P: 16


how stupid are you people?

>Study Jews all day long

>Claim to be intellectuals

>Easily fall for Jewish trickery

pic related

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 16

Was the 7th century ethiopian king a cuck?

For those who dont know, king armah was a Negus, or an ethopian king. The negus was an oriental orthoodox christian king in Abbysinia which is today Ethiopia, Ethiopia was one of the first christian countries on earth directly converted by one of the apostles phillip. At the time, There were muslims in Mecca trying to flee persecution by the Meccans so they decided to flee to Abbysinia where they heard the Negus was a "nice" king. Basically what happened was that the muslims reach ro Abbysinia and the Quraysh get to Abbysinia to to retrieve the muslims, they attempt to persuade the Negus by offering treasure in exchange for the muslims, but the negus wanted to hear about the muslims and when the muslims told their story and a bit of their religion, the negus turns over to the Quraysh guy and tells him that what they speak of is the gospel of Christ, the Qurayash guy rebuttles and states that they dont believe that jesus was the son of God but merely a man, the muslim persuades the Negus by saying that they aknowledge christ as a prophet and recognize the virgin mary. The negus being moved by their words tells the muslims that christianity and islam are like 2 holes in a skyline where the lighy is coming from the same source and then turns to the Quraysh guy and refuses to hand over the muslims and refuses to accept the treasure and tells the Quraysh guy to go. Here is a video about it : https://youtu.be/d3c6p5awTIg [Open]

What I want to know is what did the muslim refugees after being assured they are safe in Abbysinia do after being accepted? Because there has to be some shit about them causing trouble within Abbysinia, there was a jihad declared against Ethiopia in the 15th century but I am looking for internal islamic violence in abbysinia, just to find out if muslim refugees in Abbysinia are no different than muslim refugees in Europe. It seems like this negus is Angela merkels 7th century great grandfather as they both share interest in islamic dick.

R: 26 / I: 19 / P: 16

Someone tell the high traffic /pol/s

I have a lot of stuff to dump on Epstein and what he's up to now.

It's a lot to digest for me, and I'm trying to tie up some loose ends, but I'll make a dump soon. It may be tomorrow afternoon before I have it all assembled.

For now, look closely at The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, and the things they fund:



R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 16

Vid from anti-trump protest!

smh my head my fucking head is smhing my head what the fuck is that holy crap what the hell what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the hell hahahahahahahhahaaah

R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 16

8ch.net doesn't skinhead

I don't either, but I kind of like the history of its culture, and the tunes…

For a self proclamed nationalist BB to clamp down on skinhead culture is strange, and fishy.

WTF? I was even walking on eggshells there, careful to not upset the delicate flower that is 8ch.net/pol/.

So I'll be here for a while it seems. I don't reset routers, or VPN, or go where I'm not wanted, unless it's to burn it down.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 16


>Puppet candidate doesnt get in office

>Everyone and his brother wants to MAGA

>Your kiddie rape & sacrifice parties are becoming common public knowledge


R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 16

Fuck 8Kike

>Start thread about how (((GroupHealth))) is giving out horrible, self-destructive, advice to Goyim

>Banned because "it's not /pol/ related"

>Half the fucking threads on 8kike /pol/ are either spam stupid Pepe Kek Frog-god autistic bullshit.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 16


Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency, implies that Russia directly intervened in the US presidential race to achieve a desired end, the election of Donald Trump


Time to brush up on that russian.

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 16

SJW's Journalists destroyed by Marine le Pen on anti-white racism on live TV


Marine Le Pen destroying the shit ouf of two arrogant SJW's Journalists on anti-white racism.

R: 7 / I: 20 / P: 16

Exposing the Jewish death camps

What can we do to cut through the Holohoax noise and awaken people to the reality of the Whites killed by Jews? People really need to see this information, it's no wonder that the Jews try to suppress it so much:


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 16


I asked an indian girl about shadilay here is what she found praise kek

Sandilya (Rishi)

Śāṇḍilya (Sanskrit: शाण्डिल्य) was the name of at least two prominent rishis. One of the rishis was the progenitor of the Śāṇḍilyagotra.

The name was derived from the Sanskritwords śaṇ, full and dilam, the moon, with the derivative ya added, meaning the one of the full moon, thereby implying a priest or a descendant of the Moon God.

Progenitor of the Śāṇḍilya Gotra

One rishi was a son of the sage Asita and grandson of the rishi Kashyapa, and the founder of the Śāṇḍilya gotra.[citation needed]Brihadaranyaka Upanishad states that he was a disciple of Vaatsya rishi. [1] His otherAcharyas include Kaushika, Gautama Maharishi, Kaishorya Kaapya, Vatsya Vaijavap, and Kushri. His disciples include Kaundinya, Agnivesa, Vatsya Vamakakshayan, Vaishthapureya, andBharadwaj. [2] He was also the composer of the Śāṇḍilya Upanishad.[3] According to theBhagavata Purana, he was instrumental in settling certain metaphysical doubts of KingParikshit of Hastinapura and King Vajra ofDwaraka.[4]

Rishi from Śāradāvanam

Śāṇḍilya was a son of the sage Asita, had his hermitage in the Śāradāvanam, or forest of Śāradā, of a village in the Bolair Valley of Kashmir.[5] The village has been identified with the modern town of Sharda, on the banks of the River Kishanganga, in Kashmir,India. The goddess Śāradā is said to have manifested herself to him, here, after severe penance by him, to confer upon him hisyagnopaveetham, an event that was commemorated in the temple of Sharada Peeth in the town.


^ Joshi, Mahadevshastri (1979), Bharatiya Sanskriti Kosh (Marathi: भारतीय संस्कृती कोश),9, Bharatiya Sanskriti Kosh Mandal^ Chitrav, Siddheshwarshastri Vishnu (1968),Bharatavarshiya Prachin Charitra Kosh (Marathi: भारतवर्षीय प्राचीन चरित्र कोश) (3 ed.),Pune: Bharatiya Charitra Kosh

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 16

Journalist POkemon cars

Post pokemon cards of our fav journalists and their evolutions

i got this guy

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 16

WW3 Please

Please Trump, please piss someone off and start this mother fucker up! Get the ball rolling, if apocalyptic murder and genocide is what is needed to wash our hands of the financial system and democracy, so fucking be it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQxofWPMuBE

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 16


>Kellyanne Conway helps La Pen get elected in France

>Trump, Putin and La Pen put pressure on Britain to follow through on Brexit

>UK is finally independent and joins the coalition

>Just to troll libs, Trump refers to it as "The Axis of Good"


R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 17

Whites Only Discord Server

https://discord.gg/UgVDjP2 Come chat with us!

Whites only, no unrepentant degenerates, no commies.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17





>Trump nationalism


HAHAHAHAHAHAH Nice fucking spooks nerds

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17

GG intersects with Pol

You guys remember Matt Lees. Well, we ran him out of internet gaming journalism; but he found himself a cushy job in uk legacy media.

Right now he is flipping his shit over trump and thinking that his work was the canary in the coal-mine for a right wing death squad resurgence.

If you guys are tired from the meme wars, come to twitter and troll the Gamergate 'Gamer's are dead' fuckwitts with me. Its P Juicy to see them flip out.

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 17

False flag???

So is this another false flag or should we start to worry /pol/? I don't want to raise my children in a hateful world tbh.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 17

Google censorship

After sucking on Hillarys tranny cock and lost, they decided they won't let us get our voice out again.


>Google Takes Aim at Fake-News Sites

>Parent company says it will ban these sites from using AdSense, an ad-selling software on the search engine

>In just four cases, the analysis found stories from fringe-news sites Breitbart News and InfoWars.


R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 17

Social Justice Warriors: The best friends of the far right

I used to be a strong adversary of the so called "social justice", because I have seen how it poisoned schools, univerities and daily interactions. I seem to have over estimated the negative potential it poses to the cause which many of us share. The reality seems to be quite the opposite, the only movement that gets poisoned into total annihilation is the left. People see this fat, ugly and stupid morons and feel nothing but disgusted. The majority of people will never take them seriously and the more agressive and insane they become, the more people will turn there back on them.

It is important to be aware of this phenomenon and draw the conclusions accordingly. Instead of fighting the SJWs and Feminists, we should rather support the most insane ones that we can find and make them look as if they would be the voice of the left. The ugly and fat ones are to prefer, since it is a natural human instinct not to follow their advice. The goal is, to create a climate in which interaction with leftists becomes so toxic, that a middle ground can no longer exist. From this point on, you are either one of them or one of us and the majority of the people will happily choose us, just to get away from the new left that we would have created. Destroy your enemy from within.

R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 17


How many people are moving out of America again? And most of them are blacks and Latinos, right?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17

OP: Flowers for Julian

What to do: Send anything to the embassy for Julian

Purpose: Let him know we are still with him, if he is there

Purpose 2: Create a shrine/make the reporters aware most people think something is up

Purpose 3: Turns into actual shrine for our fallen hero

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17

We have a disaster called the big lie: Tailed Beasts. Tailed Beasts.

TRUMP: Wow. Whoa. That is some group of shinobi. Thousands.

Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don’t have them. When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, The Fire Nation in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat The Fire Nation all the time. All the time.

When do we beat The Earth Nation at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically.

Hidden Leaf Village has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.


Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When The Earth Nation sends its shinobi, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending shinobi that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good shinobi.

But I speak to our border shinobi and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right shinobi.

It’s coming from more than The Earth Nation. It’s coming from all over, and it’s coming probably — probably — from the Sand Nation. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.(APPLAUSE)

And our real unemployment is anywhere from 18 to 20 percent. Don’t believe the 5.6. Don’t believe it.

That’s right. A lot of shinobi up there can’t get jobs. They can’t get jobs, because there are no jobs, because The Fire Nation has our jobs and The Earth Nation has our jobs. They all have jobs.

TRUMP: Akatsuki terrorism is eating up large portions of the Sand Nation. They’ve become rich. I’m in competition with them.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 17


They literally are doing a "promotion" where if you give 5 stars you get a second free pizza.They're doing this to counter all the negative comments they received on facebook


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17


Seriously, c'mon guys. Stop. At least 75 chars lol lol /pol/ wow. one two three. Some more characters. Wow. w00t. yay. Stop.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17

Lady Margaret Hospital an asylum?

Does anyone have any extra info on this place? Some anon got his central nervous system taken out.

R: 16 / I: 80 / P: 17

/pol/ General






Nebra Sky Disk

Nebula Sky

Nebraska is the /pol/. It is like an ancient Poland.

R: 36 / I: 4 / P: 18

This Happened to me last night

I was browsing fagchans and came across a post about the FBI investigation and whatever.

Im sure you're all aware of it.

I went to infowars and posted this information. The very little of it I saw.

My cell phone has a discontinued number, no credit on it and no mobile data working.

After posting this information, my mobile data starts to work again.

I know because I got email notifications from my phone. WiFi setting was also turned off.

I could see the 3G Up/down internet arrows working.

I disabled my mobile data, pulled the SIM card and shut my phone off.

Ummmm WTF??

I'm a literal NOBODY NEET in Canada.

I just posted some info, which seems to be available to anyone who wants to look at Twitter

This morning on infowars, I post about my last night happenings and automatically my post is deleted off Disqus.


I'm a literal fucking nobody. I have no information on anything. Like none.

IS is the Canadian goverment? FBI? CIA?

Just WTF.

This is literal spook country shit.

I'm a NEET loser. WTF

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 18

name him

OperationHouseholdName (i.e. talk about Soros all the time)

If any of you have normie social media accounts, start bringing up Soros more. The mainstream attention he's getting right now is more than I've ever seen. Stoke that flame, get people talking about him, researching him. Might open a few eyes.

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 18

I am old /pol/, but I will vote for Hillary Clinton..

because who are we gonna troll if SJW lose?

and if trump win, /pol/ will just become an alt-right-warrior, just another circlejerk like SJW now..

Where is the fun? I love to see SJW triggered at Milo's speech..

convince me /pol/..

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 18

Detoxifying online news - an algorithm for trust

Did you ever wander why we have systems that prevent our emails from getting clocked up by spam (except Yahoo, of course), but there isn't a single service that can "clean" all the content news agencies, MSM media, blogs and social media is creating, that is just propaganda, irrelevant, made up or plain stupid? The daily information about the Syrian conflict, that never gets confirmed, news of Russian invasions (still to be confirmed :)) and other information that gets stuck into people's minds, it's like everyday is April Fools Day!

After working as a journalist for over 13 years, in parallel to my software career, set up 2 independent online newspapers in Romania and provided advice in the creation of 4 others, I've decided to combine my investigative journalism skills with my software skills and create the world's first algorithm that can determine the trustworthiness of news stories: http://www.trustservista.com

It's not fact checking, it's not human curated, but a 100% automated algorithm that processes all possible news feeds in search for links between articles, citations, unaccredited sources and builds up a model for trust. Not for truth, because that's a too much of a complex concept. But trust, as in "does this story have some elements that indicate it might not be trustworthy"?

TrustServista will be launched early 2017, my team is working still on the algorithm, but I am already looking for pre-launch beta testers (register here: http://www.trustservista.com)!

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 18

60 funny minutes

You all got played. Not me. I voted Epstein.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 18

Do precautions like this work?


I haven't tried it yet. But from experience will this work?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 18

Dow Jones and Trump, an analysis

2016 & 1970-2016


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 18

The Hardest and Longest Pill

The Century of the Self is a 2002 British television documentary series by filmmaker Adam Curtis. It focuses on the work of psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud, and PR consultant Edward Bernays.[1] In episode one, Curtis says, "This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy."


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 18


How the fuck does /pols not boot rock?

I do, all the time, when I can find it. Good white boy music.


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 18


This was the apex of man. The time, and the place.

I'm crying.


R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 18

There is nobody here.

The best. I fucking love it here at my/pol/.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 18

When you are alone, and free


I'm like floating on shitposts of yor here. Disconnected from time and space, at 3rd and final /pol/

God damn…

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 18

This is my site now.

I'm watching Westworld.

It's so good.

I dare say better than the '70s original we all know and love.

Way better than Futureworld.

Pic is my turf. Back off or get on the bus.

R: 14 / I: 6 / P: 18

Island of Misfit Toys Libtarded Protest Thread

Shit should start popping off in Portland at 4pm Pacific. They have a 'candlelight vigil' for the nation or some such shit, and they will riot after.

NY and the East should be getting started, but the real niggas'(white middle class liberals) are in Oakland and Portland.


I'll start looking for streams, nothing yet, but this guy delivers when the time comes:


Portland was easy to view live last night. Tech savvy and streaming for retarded 'justice.' A Twitter search for " Portland stream" should get us(2-6 malcontents) started.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 18

I can fuck with you subliminally

Best /pol/,

I've always been interested in subliminal shit. I come from unusual Christian paranoid stock, and dig flim, and Bernays, and tons of shit that's over your young head.


I don't think gifs like to run at that rate… That rate that is in between the… It has to be over 30fps.

When I get around to playing with webms, I'll consider if it's a technology I want to release.

Honestly. I wouldn't watch a webm or a slow .gif.


Careful, kids.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 19

I just want to relax and celebrate

We won, for better or worse.

The House, the Senate, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court.


R: 26 / I: 5 / P: 19

Honestly, how do we make this place grow?

I really like this board much better than 8chan but there's no hiding from the fact that this place is dead.

What can we do to make the this place grow?

R: 8 / I: 3 / P: 19

Election shitstorm

So who does /pol/ think will win the election. If Hillary wins it's nuclear war with Russia. If the God Emperor wins libtards will probably just be pissed off, and to be honest I'm a lot more afraid of being turned into a shadow on the sidewalk than I am of a bunch of millennials with gender studies degrees.

R: 21 / I: 17 / P: 19

Be Bold and Fear No Chan or Man

My name is Thomas Paine Cox. I live in Salem, Oregon. I'm a violent felon.

I like Slayer and little bits of chicken fucking with me.


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 19

Greg Gutfeld just mentioned "spirit dinner"


FOX just talked about the Podesta satanic pizza connection.


R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 19




maybe all the mess with the podesta the molesta and others and their affinity for pizza?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 19

Deeper trenches of the Internet than 4chan?

>Want to dig deeper to learn more of the ((((Big Players)))) actions and systems (Global child traffiking and other)

>Looked Deep Web for POL or exposing forums

>Got nothing

>Turn back to 4chan

>Any onion website or else to get intel of upcoming and ongoing? Want to go deep on this.

Pic not related.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 19

Black vagina goes back to Africa because of Trump winning the lection

Ambrose Achua is a black supremacist that talks about killing white people and jokes about starting riots to kill white people. Now he is saying that he wants to go back to Liberia. I say we should give him a proper 8chan goodbye. Lets call him a nigger


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 19

Possible hidden data

Hidden data in images from leaked podesta emails? 3262 photo 2.JPG 168.81 KiB 9e3ee4973f3c9cd832dc6a963619e06c image/jpeg 3262 photo 3.JPG 155.39 KiB f011273db730de69c71165e352e4b0ca image/jpeg

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 19


What are we gonna do with this eyesore?

Embarrassing to spot it on the map and look at it.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 19

NEED HELP: Pedopizza gate possible lead

Matt Hollamby is a lover of James Alefantis.

Matt is the programs director at the Wyss Foundation.

The Wyss foundation is a nonprofit that promotes conservation and environmental causes. They fund national parks, encourage people to go outdooring, buy forests….etc

They also fund a significant number of shelters. Womens shelters, domestic violence shelter, AND homes for runaway and homeless children.

It might be nothing, but I think it's worth looking into.

The List of Donations page is here:



Once we parse out all the shelters, we can look into them individually and scour the news for anything fishy.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 19

Need opinions.. Could this be Madeleine McCann?

pic is related to podesta emails.. pls do a search for what she could look like now and let me know what you think..

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 19

Church of What's Good

I hate to call it a religion but I'm starting a new church and we worship What is Good.

There's a real divide of Good and Evil in this Universe and I think we should back the side of good.

No gods, none of that stuff.

A movement of people who stand for what is Good.

Im compelled to say this stuff, I'd rather not blab like a retard into cyber space.

Donate some digits, a Pepe and spread the word.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 19

ukrainian threda about ukraine

While some of western politicians secretly browsing /pol/ (4pol mostly)

The newly elected 24 y.o. female vice minister of internal affairs of Ukraine openly tumblr-whoring


somebody nuke this country ffs

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 19

Sad liberals

I really feel bad for my friends who didn't get there candidate but then I see people on twitter freaking out about how America made the wrong choice and I feel like

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 20

Donald Trump kills Black Baby

This Black Baby was put down by Donald Trump and it is his fault that he died

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 20


Anyone able to drop me a line about the pzgate group? Possibly an IRC? Discord?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 20

MEGA Discord thread #1

From the 4chan /pol/ it is brought…


Link to first thread: >>97513025 →

Okay, /pol/. This is no longer a joke, this is no longer just about memes. We now showed that, though they may call us "deplorables", we have our political weight. We have the power to redpill and meme people to change their opinions.

I know many of you have spent countless hours photoshopping and investigating, researching and writing. We all should be proud of ourselves. But that pride shouldn't make us weak, make us lose our form again, as it's happened numerous times already. We have to set up a united system which will react accordingly to the things that happen in the future. We have a great plan ahead of us:


It is in our plans to strengthen Eurosceptic and nationalist/radical conservative parties in Europe to make it great again.

We need a team of dedicated enthusiasts: translators, writers, idea bringers. As we've already established our own idea sharing resource over at Discord (https://discord.gg/WxYct7y) we are going to need many FrencAnons and AustrAnons to help us with translation and political lore to get ourselves ready for the coming elections. GET IN HERE, ANONS!

Those who want to participate – bump this thread and reply to it. Join our Discord channel within /pol/'s own Discord server. (https://discord.gg/WxYct7y) Spread the word, let's do this!

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 20

Stuff that happened

Post stuff that actually happened today and yesterday

We need to catalog these horrific crimes for future documentation

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 20

played like a bitch

What the fuck are you guys doing? Are you all fucking retarded? This trump cancer bullshit has gotten out of hand and you are being played again you fuckers. You fucked it up. I had my hopes in this bunker but now we are totally fucked. Fuck you. The space jew has won the games are all within the framework.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 20

Antonio Gramsci

Was Antonio Gramsci a jew? Most sources say he is not, but I find it hard to believe that he just so happened to be the only non-jew in the Frankfurt School.

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 20


Meme magic is so strong that it's influencing this election.

Like the Christian and Hebrew religions, this religion needs to get its shit together and compile its writings in order to gain traction and further the cause of meme magic. Pol should compile its top banter and make a /Pol/ Kek Bible. Praise Kek

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 20

Trump Victory Dance ft. Pepe the Frog


This is wonderful, we made it guys.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 20

autistic reqyest

Could someone from within the US tweet at https://twitter.com/alwaleed_talal and really provoke him.

Send him pics of holy prophet Mohammad PBOH or some shit like that.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 20

Praise KeK

All praise glory to KeK…With KeK anything is possible. So never give up, never surrender, have faith in KeK!!!!!

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 20

Put your Faith in the Light

Whatever goes down, you can protect your own soul by giving it over to the light.

No religious stuff either. Just put your faith in GOOD.

Put your faith in all things GOOD. Send your energy to the GOOD. Receive it as well.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 20


8chan, I am Sparky. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I saw on a wide variety of 4chan threads that a few were trying to get into contact with me (Sincerest of apologies if this is not the case).

To put it simply with you, I currently have a maximum of around 130GBPS with a slightly weakened Mirai net. I plan to use this net to destroy the barriers put in place by the DNC and to cause a left-wing Media blackout so they cannot infiltrate the minds of undecided voters throughout November 8th.

However, this is not something that can be done alone. I want you to suggest to me things that if taken down would severely impede the Clinton campaign. I have already taken it upon myself to take down the majority of Nevada phone banks for Clinton. My sights are set on Huffingtonpost, Forbes and some others for election day. But I would love to hear your input.

We will do this together. I will do everything in my power to stop one of the most scandalous candidates in American history from becoming president. ~Sparky

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 20

Trump related bets

So /pol what's your bet? I was considering Trump in Russia at 4x odds which seems pretty good considering that all the other options would need him to get the ok from the senators.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 20

#AliyahNow #TheGoyimKnow

We should start the trending


#Aliyah #AliyahNow


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 21


Has there ever been a more discredited statistician?

Does he lose a follicle for every faulty prediction?

R: 176 / I: 89 / P: 21

This /pol/ Election War Room

How about a nice election thread for the misfits, outcasts, and b& that trickle through here, from time to time?

I'm settled in and my palm are sweating.

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 21

Who are these people?

Maybe I'm retarded but……………..

How is this the same person??????????????

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 21

Lunch Special

One of the people involved in that shit is also on the food advisory board for schools at a federal level.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are feeding humans to kids.

Maybe another reason millennials are so fucked up.

This is real life Soylent Green.

Seriously, if you're of the faint of heart, find something else to be interested in.

Plain and simple, and it makes me sick to type it but:

These little kids are fucked to death then eaten.

There is proof of it in the Weiner emails.

I've just pieced together shit . I haven't seen anything personally and my imagination is bad enough.

If you piece it all together, that's what these people are doing including the president.

How do you break that to the American public??

Oh well, too bad they didn't arrest her on some treason/security shit and kept this on the DL.

No one needs to know this shit.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 21

Redpilling Opportunity

So here's the deal guys. I've been browsing /pol/ on 4chan for a few months now and with all the election shit going on this seems like a quieter environment to get info on refugees for this whole Model UN thing I'm doing in about a week. What I'll need are facts, statistics and general information about why taking refugees into Western Europe is a shitty idea and the hopeful result will be me redpilling a good deal of the students and adults there.

R: 5 / I: 10 / P: 21

Pizza and Hot dogs

Another theory is, the dead babies are then turned into pizza toppings and hot dogs, which are fed to these people.

Mad cow disease is caused by feeding cow to cows.

This people have gone crazy eating other humans. They're obsessed with it.

They bring in 100s of babies a week.

Read the BSE (bad self-eater) posts. They give more insight into these sick freaks.

No one knew about these places until the email leaks.

Posting all that suggestive shit on instagram doesn't bother them. Only those in the know, know.

Now we know.

Any kid you see on those instagrams is long dead and turned into food.

Maybe Posteda is a cannibal cook.

What better way to blackmail someone, then get them drugged out and drunk, have them fuck a minor and then feed them babies.

I saw one tumblr called like clintonpizza or something and it's just some rich millennial posting pizza memes for months.

These people are sick sick sick sick

Good job to the Eyes Wide Open Generals, sleuths and infographic makers.

Just fucking kill them FBI.

Follow the rules and let 1000s of babies die horrible and become food.

Kill 20 and save thousands.

Fuck society and humans.

I'm here yelling into the internet cause I have divine protection from these evils.

That's how I figure this shit out so fast. I have help.

They can't touch me, but I can't do anything but yell into cyber space.

I've lost the little faith I've had in humanity.

Fuck the laws, murder some pedos. Do some actual good FBI

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 21

Constantine the faggot doxxed!

Enjoy muh bitches:

Michael Eugene O'Dell, born 11/29/1988

lives at 319 S Calhoun Ave, Liberal, Kansas, 67901

his cell # (620) 482-6043

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 21





R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 21


If there is anything that Bernie fans can be described as (well, one of the many things aside from urbanite millennial faggots) is desperate for a Bernie win. The donations that bankrupted them, lying to themselves that he could be the nominee, up until it was literally impossible, etc…we've laughed at it all before.

Consider the following rhetoric on pro-Bernie sock accounts:

"Trump is an evil fascist who makes me literally shake thinking about. However, after 4 years of a Trump presidency, people will be so sick of him, he will massively increase the chances of a Bernie victory in 2020 - Allowing for fully-fledged socialism to take hold in America."

A hipster friend on by normie account posted a video of Slavoj Žižek discussing this idea and one faggot commenting saying " He's proposing an old Trotskyist argument; to vote in the worst in order to rally more radical oposition."

However, we know this is unlikely to happen, and we could literally just get these dumb faggots to vote Trump if we could find Trotsky's quote by making them feel like "Proper radical socialists".


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 21

Redpill me on the Roman catholic church

I feel like in comparison to the orthodox church, Roman catholocism seems to be rather legalistic and just an unappealing mess to me. Red pill me how the Roman cathllic church started and why is the (eastern and oriental) orthodox church the only one true church?

R: 232 / I: 737 / P: 21


R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 21


Whats with all the anchored threads? All those threads are discussing relevant topics/information that /pol/ users deserve to know! You scream of censorship from 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ but the exact same thing is happening here! This is clearly the mod squad doing what they do best. They are sinking the truth. When will it stop? Will the mods start banning dissenters as well, just as this /pol/'s predecessors have?

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 21

Mainstream Media and the Free Market

The cultural and economic paradigm of having the mainstream media centered to a handful of megacorporations would seem to be the inescapable result of free market economy. We have also seen that certain (((rootless cosmopolitans))) seem to end up running them. Is there a hope for a healthy political climate in MSM within the free market system? Or is it just time to call in Ben "The One Man Klan" Garrison to tear it all down forever?

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 21

Fuck Me

I'm done with the /pol/s

This is the only place I'm not banned, so I'll tell you 3 to 4 guys that stop by every couple days.

Fuck you Benjamin Fischbein, you cunt.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 21

Just Fair Warning

If you want to back out now, no one will blame you.

It's about to cross a line and many of you really won't like it.

Turn off your mobile data, turn off the wifi on your pc, watch some sports, play with cards, take a walk. if you feel like this shit is too.

Literally unplug yourself if you need a break.

I'm just a loud mouth. Im just here to improve morale and decode the pieces of the puzzle like everyone else.

The ones digging the emails and putting it together in infographics, memes and so on, are the real deal. Literal online commandos.

Seriously, if you want to walk away now, no one will blame you.

Some shit is just not meant to be seen and cannot be unseen.

I have no idea what kind shit the found, but it's vile. Nightmare worthy.

You've done good. We appreciate your service.

I'm too cowardly myself. I salute your resolve.

Just remember this; every story ends with the good guys winning. All of them Shit might get bad, but we always win.

Saurons ring will be broken in this time line as well.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 22

Work Harder!! Ignore the shills

>be me

>be newfag

>get in fight with 4chan autist

>get called manlet

>state my height

>new meme appears

They are sliding the fuck out of your threads and shilling hard.


if you see a shill thread, HIDE IT.

>Do Not respond

>Do Not give it attention

You guys are onto to something HUGE

Shill threads:

>BTFO Drumpf

>My white daughter/black


ANYTHING to distract you from digging the pedo emails.

We need to Saber Rattlers, some loud mouths to keep the energy high.

You're on to something huge!!!

>Ignore shills

>hide shill threads

>encourage your fellow anons

Complete nobodies (you), (us) are going to bring down the super powers of the world.


Cause we like to cause shit. Plain and simple.

General F.U

Meme Man

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 22


Do /pol/ Trumpists actually have any clue what he'll do once he's elected to office? For all we know first day he'll declare a monarchy, second day he'll lose Israel to his friend Putin in Texas Holdem.

R: 21 / I: 1 / P: 22

Varg Vikernes


What is your opinion on Varg?

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 22










R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 22


"U.S. military hackers have penetrated Russia's electric grid, telecommunications networks and the Kremlin's command systems, making them vulnerable to attack by secret American cyber weapons should the U.S. deem it necessary, according to a senior intelligence official and top-secret documents reviewed by NBC News."



R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 22

Cheese pizza

1. Does Hilary have bad health for having too many (((pizza))) parties during the campaign?

2. Is it easier to play (((dominos))) on (((cheese))) or (((pasta)))

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 22

Naming the ((()))

>"Intellectuals" get triggered when you point out facts regarding race, especially if the person in question is a tribesman.

>Was discussing Lena Dumpyham and pointed out she wasn't white. They argued that since her skin was white, that makes her white.

>I asked if race was just skin color.

>They said no. But race doesn't matter.

>I pointed out that it does to usurers.

>They say she's not Israeli or brown, therefore she's white. Also, race doesn't matter.

>I point out that Israel requires you to have a DNA test to become a citizen, so it matters to them. Also, Ashkenazim =/= Sephardic.

>Discussion was about wanting to eradicate white males.

>They don't see the connection about race mattering, and that it's another one of the "chosen" pushing this crap.

>Get Triggered by facts.

>Can't make a coherent rebuttal.

>Start ignoring me.

>tfw trying to red pill semi-rational purples, but they are too afraid to entertain the idea because reality is scary.

>tfw I have seen too much and now feel alone. Nobody will address the kosher elephant in the room.

Anybody else know these feels? Wat do?

Pic related. Blue pilled beta cuck adding people to lists and muting them. List calls them "beta basement dwellers". Thought you would appreciate the irony and maybe share it with him. Also, likely a kike.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 22

cheese pizza



Do you like pasta & sauce or cheese assortments?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 22






I have focused this into a single smoking gun that meets the following criteria:

1. CLEARLY MOST PLAUSIBLE that the interpretation of SOME WORD refers to sexual activity.

2. THAT WORD is CLEARLY TIED TO CHILDREN and retains the sexual interpretation.

3. The abused children are IDENTIFIABLE.



In this case, we look only at "dominos." Herbert Sandler "wink winks" the meaning of it in a currently-overlooked email to Podesta. It's a pretty well-known slang term in the BDSM community, meaning domination play. A set of three emails then clarifies the rest.

I've strung three emails we've already seen - but only out of context - to accomplish the above. The punchline:

Herbert Sandler is inflicting violent sexual abuse on his grandchildren.


1. 12/17/14 - Podesta sends Sandler "pasta" and "sauce" for Christmas. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/15543

> On Dec 16, 2014, at 12:07 AM, "Sandler, Herbert" <hms@sandlerfoundation.org> wrote:


> John and Mary

> I just received the holiday package of pasta and sauce. If only I could make it turn out as special as you guys do.

> Many thanks.

> Much love

> Herb

^^WE DON'T KNOW what "pasta" and "sauce" are yet, and it isn't relevant. Just noting for now that he received them.


2. 7/11/15 - Sandler missed Podesta and his wife at Martha's Vineyard. Susan "whipped" Sherry and Herb in "Dominos," and using the Podesta method, "made up the rules as they played."


> On Jul 11, 2015 6:12 PM, "Sandler, Herbert" <hms@sandlerfoundation.org> wrote:

> Last day in MV. Missed you.

> Susan whipped Sherry and me at Dominos. Using the Podesta method, she made

> up the rules as we played.


> Sent from my iPhone

^^It is VERY LIKELY that the term "dominos" here refers to the BDSM meaning of domination play. Note "whipped" at "dominos." Obviously with real dominos you do not make up the rules as you play. Language used in the next email refines further so that this is the only plausible interpretation.


3. 12/24/15 - Podesta sends Sandler "cheeses" this year. SANDLER WANTS TO WAIT FOR HIS GRANDCHILDREN (!!) TO GET HOME TO DEMOLISH THEM AND "PLAY DOMINOS" (!!!!) ON THE CHEESE. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/30613

> On Thursday, December 24, 2015, Sandler, Herbert <hms@sandlerfoundation.org> wrote:

> Mary and John


> I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have been

> long in place. I immediately realized something was different by the shape

> of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the

> square shaped box. Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it

> was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the

> return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that

> we can demolish them.


> Thank you so much. I hope you and your gang are well.


> I miss you both


> Best wishes fro a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


> Herb


> Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?

^^This clarifies the linguistic interpretation. "Dominos" cannot mean the game. You cannot "play dominos on pasta" or "on cheese." The only plausible interpretation remaining is the BDSM meaning.

We do not know what/who "CHEESE" is yet, but it doesn't matter for now.


Podesta response: "Miss you Herb."




R: 5 / I: 18 / P: 22


Get to BLM twitter with your Basketball-American sock accounts chaps

We need to convince the BLM lot that sitting at home on their ass is sticking it to the man.

Also see #DraftOurDaughters thread for more pro-Trump campaigns in the run up to the election: https://8ch.pl/pol/res/24386.html

R: 3 / I: 10 / P: 22





>———-DOWNLOAD OFFICIAL FONT———- from her campaign if making new meme’s


>———-OFFICIAL HILLARY CAMPAIGN COLOURS ——— and Tips from a Brit:

#E4002B - red, used only for important highlights (hashtags, bold words) [90% opacity]

#00B7E9 - light blue, used for the main statements [75% opacity]

#000033 - dark blue - used for information or sentences [80% opacity]

>Avoid using too much text and always use the bold font. Usually increasing the contrast and slightly decreasing the brightness will help your background image stand out.




INCLUDE “Paid for by Hillary for America”


If POSTING NEW MEME’s Do it from NON Trump, Pepe, Deplorable accounts. Rather Pro-Shill accounts


RESPOND TO THE MEME’s using Alt-Right Accounts with outrage


>Ex. “Why does Hillary want War with Russia and to #DraftOurDaughters

>“I am all for Diversity but do we really want to let Hillary #DraftOurDaughters in a war with Russia”

>” If Hillary’s #NoFlyZone fails it’ll be WWIII and she plans to #DraftOurDaughters”

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 22

Are you kidding me??

Look at this pic

>pic related


No seriously, two high profile figures have a "candid" home picture taken??

By who?

The wall?

Just What in the F is going on?

R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 22

Andrew Anglin is doing an AMA on the Alt-Right subreddit

Yeah, yeah, plebbit and all that…



R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 22

Salem, Oregon All/pol/ Alert!

Help me elect (((Jeffrey Edward Epstein))) to the Marion County, Salem Oregon, position of Soil and Water Conservation Director for Zone 2.

He is running unopposed, and even a few local /pol/ votes could give him the win.

I wrote him in for pretty much every office, but his chances are slim for anything other than Soil and Water Conservation Director for Zone 2.

Maybe he could win some seats in your town?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 23

Call Team Army of keks


this is not a drill

anyone can register and call people in Hil's data base

do it as a mischievousness tool for lord kek

big brother is looking and deleting threads

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

White Lives Matter will be occupying the steps of the Austin, TX Capital.

On November 19th, 2016, the White Lives Matter movement will be demonstrating on the steps of the Austin, TX capital. If you do attend, leave the swazis or other so called "offensive" imagery at home. If anyone is in Texas, it's your duty to attend. There is no excuse for not attending otherwise.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

The Impact of the EU on France

Does anyone have any information on the economic and political impact of the EU on France?

As far as I can tell, the impact on France has been net negative, with Germany reaping most of the benefits from the EU .I have so far only been able to gather meager details on a few topics, such as unit labour cost and GDP, so if anyone has any information it would be welcome.

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 23

Draft Our Daughters could use a 2nd batallion


Keep letting this trend. Be part of the conversation.

#DraftOurDaughters and if you want extra spicy, add #DraftOurWives. Come on lads, we need to drive the point home with these liberal retards who don't know who will be fighting the war with Russia they are pushing so hard for.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

time left

No comment, and there probably never will be another comment, but then again you never can tell nowadays when people will leave a comment.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

Chocolate Sandwich


Taster for what O`keefe may or probably may not release today.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

Love me please.

celebrating the rise of the god emperor on November 8th. Join for happenings and shitposting.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 23

Any veterans can shed some light? Is 4chan pol anti Grek?


There was this thread going on before at 4chan /pol/ and it was just deleted without a reason. I ve never seens a thread get deleted before. Someveteran care to explain?

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 23

My Name is Anthony Wiener, Want to see my Pen0r?

kek we thank the for the funniest happening regarding Mr.wiener.


R: 38 / I: 8 / P: 23

8pol on 8ch.net = kill

Why does 8pol on 8ch.net suck so much? Why are the now a retarded, irrational cult that stifles all free debate?

What happened??

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

Migrant Blames 'Racist Swedes' for Arson Attacks Caused by Migrants

So… Migrants in Sweden are blaming 'racist swedes' for attacks they commit, blaming police brutality, racism etc.. finding that hard to believe in the most cucked country on earth in history, sweden…



R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23

CAll To ACTION!!! PUMP 4 TRUMP!!! (Wiz Army Black Ops)

this is a call to action for the incel army on here! i know you are out there!


R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 23

Praise Kek general--Anthony weiner edition

We must give praise to kek for having Hillary's emails show up with pictures of a jews dick. Thank you kek.

>Praise kek


R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 23

Shit hits the fan

Let's say that rope day comes.

Let's say that shit hits the fan.

If that were to happen, how might a foreigner join the armed fight against globalism in American soil?

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 24

Military normie wants to fashify

Hey fellas, I plan on going into the military, yet want to do studying and dive in-depth into the ideologies of Fascism and NatSoc so as to figure out what exactly I, for lack of better words, "identify" as. What's a good place to start, i.e. books or websites, etc.

Pic related, J Tay is my spirit animal.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

Nothings changed!

Just think what is possible with the odd cut & paste. Just another 35 thousand plus articles to follow.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

Anti-immigration protesters BEATEN UP by French Police


It happened earlier this year in France. This is what happens when you protest against immigration in France, the socialist governement sends the police to beat you all up. How can things like that not be everywhere in the news ?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

Deranged Mother Forces Son to Dress Up as a Girl


A separated couple in the English Midlands are currently in dispute over the gender identity of their child, with "Transgender Children's Charity" Mermaids intervening. Due to the juvenile status of the subject of the case, the child as well as parents names have been kept anonymous.

The case centers around a child, raised by two separated parents who disagree on the

"gender identity" of their child, and what choice of uniform, male or female, the male-born child should wear to school.

Mermaids, a supposed charity group for "transgender children," had previously threatened the school, saying they would be guilty of discrimination if they did not comply with the mother's wishes.

MORE: http://informaza.com/world/319-battle-over-child-s-gender-identity-rages-between-two-parents

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

End date


I have been concentrating on the emails March 2016 as nothing seems to be released after March. Maybe this is Why.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

Bushwacking will return during Chaos : Know your neighbors who is with you & against you (JEWS)

Bushwacking during times of Chaos : Know your neighbors who is with you and against you (JEWS)

You will understand that its time to Bushwhack when you hear small arms…

When the Police aren't showing up…

When the grid isn't staying up… or is shut down…

When the FEMA camps start…..

might be time to Bushwack!

R: 12 / I: 5 / P: 24

Tailord Access Operations?

I found this circulating on some chat boards. It claims to be from an NSA analyst working in the TAO department

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

A total lack of sympathy

I was reading through a Mike Pence tweet about his plane being on the skids.

As with all twitters on both sides the messages inside are mainly from the opposition. However you would think that after an incident that could have had injured or killed people there would be some sense to not fill it with bilious vile.

However the person who runs this site thought he would have a dig.

I put in a spurious email address. Anything will do and this is the message that pops up.

Try it for yourself.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

3310 for sale

Still banned from 4cheese. You would think if you give them your postal address and an email they would be able to tell if you are a genuine person or not.

Anyway saw this and wondered if anyone want to buy my own personal 3310. Its been sitting in the cupboard since late 2001 as I never got to use it.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

USA 100% atomic no excuses

France was 85% and now 75%

Commies got to them.

USA with thorium lifter clean safe atomic has no excuse not to go 100% atomic power.

Can change the economy as well esp combined with free markets and mass produced housing.

The answers we have them! Free markets and thorium atomic power!

0 emissions!

Low waste since it rebreeds fuel!


The answer t all our dreams!

Don't let commies bury it!

flibe energy!

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 24

A Zurcher

Not seen anyone put this toad up for the list.


He has been a fucker for many years but the BBC love him.