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File: 1460917824375.png (87.91 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-Pol_logo.png) ImgOps Google

4f1607 No.8167[Reply]

As most people on /pol/ lately have probably noticed, /pol/'s quality of threads have been on the decline recently. With this new migration to .pl, it's time we've addressed this and Took steps to Make /pol/ Great Again:

1.Well thought out, and intelligent discussion is paramount. Mindless shitposting should be ignored and frowned upon

2.Off-topic and /b/-tier threads should be ignored, deleted, and possibly earn you a ban at a Mod's discretion

3.We allow for a wide range of topics here on /pol/ as long as it's in the realm of politics. Threads pertaining to general world events/Happenings are encouraged


1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Check the Catalog.

4. Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and will most likely result in ban and deletion. Bans will be up to the Board Owner or Board Volunteer's discretion.

Follow all 3 Steps and the 4 rules, and Together We Can Make /pol/ Great Again!

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5822fe No.26736

File: 1484363339683.jpg (22.99 KB, 362x346, 181:173, Huh.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1484843215992.jpg (89.24 KB, 736x493, 736:493, HITLEROPERA.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

7ba121 No.26933[Reply]

The only non-degenerate music genre is classical music.

/pol please share your most precious masterpieces with me.

This is my playlist as it is, and Hitler would defiantly approve of this as any other Übermensch would.

Thank me later.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcL4J0pzlAg&list=PL1Cxn8_DXL7cSZXRfvA0G1ewD8otFG0zp

(Copy paste the link or you will see no list)

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b8bc43 No.26951


"Thank me later"

Trashy pleb-tier selection with weak Danish bias

Lacrimosa can stay

7215e8 No.26990

>check playlist

>has a song named "goldberg variations"

into the trash it goes

6763b7 No.27010

423b7d No.27013

7e3936 No.27030

Not classical but makes you want to rise up and spartan out.


File: 1484595428939.jpg (41.5 KB, 441x441, 1:1, Enoch.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

c9eb4b No.26813[Reply]

I am someone that became red-pilled through The Daily Shoah and TRS, and have come to really enjoy Fash The Nation as well. With this Mike Enoch doxxing situation I'm really confused as to why people on /pol seem to be so gleeful over the idea that TRS is being destroyed. Can someone explain to me why /pol hates TRS and why I should view the destruction of TRS as a good thing? TDS was a critical part of my red-pilling and I possibly may have never read The Culture of Critique if TDS had never existed. I have personal friends that became red-pilled through both TDS and FTN pocasts.

Regarding Enoch himself, from my perspective the things he says on TDS are incredibly insightful. I personally value his opinions and those expressed on FTN greatly, regardless of what decisions he has made in his personal life. If Enoch is a Jewish shill, then it would appear to me, based on the effect he has had on myself and others, that he is the worst shill of all time. What I really want to know is, if Enoch was bad for the movement, who should I look to for the good? Who is providing content and analysis (and humor) that is better than the stuff I've been listening to / reading? This is not a rhetorical question, I am being honest and wanting to know if there is someone doing better work that I can discover. If you are right about Enoch's destruction being a good thing, show me the light, because right now I do not understand.

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2f69f4 No.27019

File: 1485052374563.jpg (8.39 KB, 150x207, 50:69, 1367714660871.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Baseball caps look good on no one and make you look like a douchbag, which is why white men love them so much. Baseball caps embody the tasteless, cultureless soul of the white man. Same goes for cargo shorts/pants, white men are the only ones brave enough to wear them. (And to tuck their polo or printed T-shirt into them.)

275d4a No.27020




8414fc No.27027

I find it somewhat hilarious that anyone believes this guy. He talks it and walks it but his fucking name is Enoch. How jewish is that name? He also sounds like a jew. I think the guy has been so ostrasized from his own community he decided to go crypto. So regardless, he may still be our friend and ally. But he may be a jew himself. Fucking ENOCH, Look it up guys its as jewish of a name you can get. means son of Noah in the shekelstien language,

8414fc No.27028


pardon me it's the son of cain.

8414fc No.27029


also btw cain killed his brother abel, commiting the first murder. It can be viewed that cain a farmer, and abel a shepherd represented a crux in civilization. The new world of farming, and staying in one place and the nomads. Anyway I digress.

File: 1485070528087.jpg (129.43 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, MTE5NTU2MzE2MjgwNDg5NDgz.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

55face No.27026[Reply]

The civil rights movement was a communist infiltration scam that destroyed the black community.


File: 1485070055418.jpg (128.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, y6553859.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

885977 No.27025[Reply]


This is so good, this is really really good, pepe is loving it ;) .

File: 1484941109015.png (543.09 KB, 2000x1994, 1000:997, homeland security.png) ImgOps Google

8e4d10 No.26974[Reply]

Alright boys you know what to do

report illegals in your local area


c6fdb1 No.26989


Nah. I like illegals. They mow my lawn cheap.

c7d827 No.27024


Fuck off, kike.

File: 1485061368751.png (630.52 KB, 1224x563, 1224:563, SEASON2-2.png) ImgOps Google

d2f6eb No.27023[Reply]

Here are the numbers for a 10-week run of TDS:

TDS 123: $5,736.00 (The "Shill for Mike" episode.)

TDS 122: N/A

TDS 121: $2,1912.10

TDS 120: $1,329.04

TDS 119: N/A

TDS 118: $492.69

TDS 117: $1.050.62

TDS 116: $887.11

TDS 115: $699.37

TDS 114: $836.54

TDS 113: $1,154.08

TDS 112: $554.67

TDS 111: $716.18 (Though, several smaller ones were brushed off.)

TDS 110: N/A

TDS 109: $1,833.01

TDS 108: $508.06

Total: $12,253.47 or $1,225.35/week

Note, I didn't average in the "Shill for Mike" episode.

There are 14 entries, but that is because they started to do bi-weekly shows.

File: 1484562111772.jpg (78.53 KB, 1800x505, 360:101, wl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

c2f72c No.26780[Reply]

Political violence is like war, like violence in general: people have a

fantasy about how it works. This is the fantasy of how violence works:

you smite your enemies in a grand and glorious cleansing because of

course you're better. Grand and glorious smiting isn't actually how

violence works. I've worked a few places that have had serious political

violence. And I'm not sure how to really describe it so people get it.

This is a stupid comparison, but here: imagine that one day Godzilla

walks through your town. The next day, he does it again. And he keeps

doing it. Some days he steps on more people than others. That's it.

That's all he does: trudging through your town, back and forth. Your

town's not your town now; it's The Godzilla Trudging Zone. That's kind

of what it's like.

In 2017, I am very pessimistic about America's future, to the point that

I think the country should seriously consider a National Divorce. Let's

not mince words: the United States of America is currently engage

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c2f72c No.26806

ant white people to riot. you do not. want. white

people. to riot. Nobody wants Civil War II. That doesn't mean we won't

get it anyway.

I feel a little sick writing about this stuff. And a little stupid for

talking about it. It sounds crazy in daylight. But every place I've been

that had this happen thought it sounded crazy, too. And I have a bad

feeling that right now what Americans want is to chop each other down

like trees. You want to know what I'm really terrified of? Imagine a few

dozen iterations of this story: There's a famous case where a shadowy

group was after a high-value, high-status target who used his

considerable resources to retreat. The group couldn't get to him. So

they targeted everybody associated with him: Friends. Family. Staff.

Lawyers. Sympathetic journalists. Eventually, that utter devastation of

infrastructure led to the death of the high-value, high-status target,

whose name was Pablo Escobar. That's what I'm really scared of. Killing

like that, on repeat.

c2f72c No.26807

It's my nightmare scenario. I know it's unlikely.

But. Because this is the stupidest part of this whole thing: after 2016,

I'm a little superstitious, and I'm wary of omens. The shadowy group

that unleashed carnage on Pablo Escobar's Institutions had a name. They

were known as Los Pepes.

c2f72c No.26808

Source for this essay: https://storify.com/sphenoid/days-of-rage-pt-5-finale-what-does-it-portend

DISCLAIMER: I do not hold any of these opinions. I just copy pasted somebody on the Internet.

576076 No.26823


>Pepe is now an omen of evil

Where did it all go so right?

91f850 No.27022

good read

File: 1485055895930.jpg (61.42 KB, 512x288, 16:9, bill3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

075df1 No.27021[Reply]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDy_Wr_lWvA&feature=youtu.be [Embed] - Maher explains rust belt falling to Trump by the increase in rates of heroin use in these states (Wisconsin etc.)

File: 1482665145185.png (369.54 KB, 387x469, 387:469, Screen-Shot-2016-05-26-at-….png) ImgOps Google

d24c55 No.26335[Reply]

I just found the way to red pill any christian especially blacks in general!

(I redpilled a black women)

1. Warn them about the Jews and tell them what they have in the Talmud

2. Mention this verse that the jews have "Jesus is boiling in hot excrement in hell"

3. Tell them how they faked the holocaust with debunked photos

4. Tell them what black lives matter actually does and facts about homosexuality the media doesn't warn about

5. Recommend a spoonfeed page

6. Just wait til the aftermath

df36e8 No.26337


Christians don't care about the Talmud. To them, Torah is the Jewish holy book and the Talmud is meaningless commentary.

77628a No.27017


What spoonfeed page do you have in mind?

File: 1485044113941.png (614.77 KB, 957x492, 319:164, 1-21-2017 6-00-14 PM.png) ImgOps Google

72ab10 No.27016[Reply]

YT clip of antifa faggot after he sucker punch Spencer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMmbWKV6jn0&google_comment_id=z133hl5bbzm4up4bb04cd1viatv5zhywzbk

Found the guy on PornHub (listen to his voice at the end of the clip, same guy!)


File: 1485042064804-0.jpg (98.28 KB, 512x603, 512:603, RealWomensMarch.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1485042064804-1.jpg (64.05 KB, 512x268, 128:67, realwomansmarch4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

256852 No.27015[Reply]

Barron just declared a 2nd Meme War. Because progressive hate memes and the Woman's March is just an opportunity for assholes to pretend they have a cause.

File: 1485041714538-0.png (509.55 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_8709.PNG) ImgOps Google

File: 1485041714538-1.png (107.32 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_8710.PNG) ImgOps Google

File: 1485041714538-2.png (372.1 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_8711.PNG) ImgOps Google

File: 1485041714538-3.png (423.21 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_8712.PNG) ImgOps Google

File: 1485041714538-4.png (567.95 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_8713.PNG) ImgOps Google

e63267 No.27014[Reply]

Antifa fag/ Marxist meme page admin to dox, group to troll and find antifa to dox, and page to troll

File: 1484956118718.mp4 (170.28 KB, 390x304, 195:152, C2pqkaxXEAMbWzz.mp4) ImgOps Google

3aab64 No.26988[Reply]

You did it guys. You turned Pepe into a symbol of who should be punched in the face.

d02ee1 No.26994

File: 1484965332716.jpg (26.7 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 11356560_385977751599802_8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

They Have Woken the Beast.

All Praise To KEK

Merthyr awaits


45006d No.27007

0beb08 No.27011

File: 1485037750110.jpg (4.16 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 1485037711194955189027.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1485003083040.png (108.2 KB, 668x726, 334:363, AntifaGoFundMe.png) ImgOps Google

b49a99 No.27005[Reply]


>As Democrats, we are starting this campaign to let Trump supporters know that while we may find many of his views distasteful, we Democrats are united with Republicans in acknowledging that violence doesn't solve anything.

>Until an investigation is undertaken, we cannot know who did this or why. No matter the result, this is not how Americans resolve their differences. We talk, we argue, sometimes we march, and most of all we vote. We do not resort to violence by individuals or by mobs.

>So, let's all pitch in , no matter what your party affiliation, in and show Spencer that when thugs go low, the Democratic Party goes high!

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