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Hey /fringe/ any long time satanists on rn? I just finished the satanic bible and I had a couple of questions. First questions are just about personal preference, but do you read all the names during a ritual or do you select a few? How do you select them? How do you choose which enochian key to read? Next questions are about basic structure during the rituals. What do you use as an altar if you don't have a woman to act as one? I have one girl in mind but I haven't convinced her yet. Also, I know that blood isn't necessary and isn't as important as the death throes during a sacrifice, but do you include blood in your ritual in some way? Just curious.


First question: most rituals provide which key you should use.

Second question: i do believe you have to have a woman as the altar because she represents the flesh and thats what satan is.

And also you should refer to the companion of the satanic bible The Satanic Rituals is the title



Not sure if you care but being a christian I can help you change your mind.


You don't need to have a woman altar, since every thing in the rituals are a psychological factor, so you can use every thing you, yourself feel comfortable with, I myself prefer the altar to be raised a little.


Destroy every abrahamic religion and you will get plenty of gifts. HAIL SATAN 666




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