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/fringe/ , we still win , .

/fringe/ , THE MUSICIANS AND THE INDIANS PLANNED A REVOLT DUE TO THEIR OWN LACK OF FAITH IN MONOTHEISM Θεο, alone , as the true better and best than any other , .

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true places

if I wanted to be initiated into a REAL Tantric linage/find a real Dharmic guru..to which pyshical institution or place should i try to be admitted into, and what orgs should I avoid??

for example osho and such gurus have meditation centers anyone can walk into, but they're not the real thing.

What are some verified masters and schools?

I have strong scholarly interests in knowing what true Tantric Dharma is, as opposed to new age hippie crap.

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Guild of Seekers

Hello seekers

Today we come to you to extend an invitation and bring you the opportunity to be part of a dedicated magic group seeking community and growth.

We are two magic veterans seeking our equals, to create a steadfast group of strong-willed and like-minded magicians. We seek others with a similar work ethic and those from various different backgrounds so that we may become more than the sum of our parts on our magical journeys.

The group is founded to build knowledge through exploring magic together through various experiments and playing with the tools available to us from our own studies. Specifically, we are searching for a tight community of many different skill sets that can help us all grow and learn, understanding ourselves and others. Every kind of path is welcome.

If you are interested in joining and getting to know others with similar interest in all things occult, fill out the first round below and mail to covenofseven@gmail.com. There will several application rounds following to decide who would be the best fit, each increasing in difficulty.

Round one

Tell us about yourself


Gender, and what you identify as

Why, in your own terms, are you interested in this group?

What are some interests you want to explore?

How do you interact with others?

Tell us about your political interests and views on the world

If you have questions feel free to email or post.

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Satanism Questions from a new convert

Hey /fringe/ any long time satanists on rn? I just finished the satanic bible and I had a couple of questions. First questions are just about personal preference, but do you read all the names during a ritual or do you select a few? How do you select them? How do you choose which enochian key to read? Next questions are about basic structure during the rituals. What do you use as an altar if you don't have a woman to act as one? I have one girl in mind but I haven't convinced her yet. Also, I know that blood isn't necessary and isn't as important as the death throes during a sacrifice, but do you include blood in your ritual in some way? Just curious.

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PSA: fringechan revival -- http://fringechan.org/

fringechan – http://fringechan.org

What is fringechan?

The board fringechan was revived/recreated as a new base for the users of 8chan.net/fringe/ at January 2016. Initially, the reasons were of a technical nature, as 8chan was plagued by a myriad of bugs and we wanted to provide fringe a worthy place to call to home. Now even most of the bugs have been dissolved, other parts of the 8chan ship are starting to falter, as its currently owned by a for-profit, non-free organization with glaring ties to freemasonry and obvious kikery. As most of you know, hotwheels has been demoted and is not the owner of 8chan anymore.

What is the current state of fringechan?

http://fringechan.org/ has been operational for almost half a year now and continues to grow. As it stands currently there are more daily posts on http://fringechan.org/ then on 8/fringe.

With the recent purge of all the data of 8/fringe and the current state of Fringe Wizard, 8/fringe's BO, its no more but to expected that we find a stable, new platform to call home.

What are the benefits of fringechan?

Benefits are plenty:

- Multiple boards to separate discussion to their appropriate categories, some of them (besides /fringe/):

- http://fringechan.org/library/: The board to keep track of all books and their discussion.

- http://fringechan.org/loosh/: For random and more unrelated matters, though still in a fringe-esque light.

- http://fringechan.org/ask/: A dedicated board to archive old question threads. note: don't post here, its only for archiving and educational purposes.

- An active, trustworthy moderation team, independent of 8/fringe. Currently consisting of three members, none of whom have ties to 8/fringe moderation/administration team.

- Daily backups. No more major purges or loss of data, what happens on fringechan stays on fringechan.

- Technical administration. If something goes amiss, or if we need more functional expansion, I can and will be of service and have done so already.

- Associated goodies. We currently have an IRC channel and host our own Teamspeak server.

- And most importantly; we have new flags.

Who owns fringechan?

Alpam, host and maintain fringechan, and am thereby both financially and technically responsible. You can contact me on Tox (http://tox.chat) – ID: 4767305CC4CC42FE4437ACFF966156CC37B41A5A9343AF60FDA48FFBABDD6A33170A8AE1E6FB

So what are you waiting for? Visit http://fringechan.org/

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How can I get woke rn?

I have a bag of tea candles.

What can I do to make my life 10% more woke right now?

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/FMG/ Fringe Music General

This is a general thread for fringe related music

Im going to start with my own, "Axioms of Kybalion"


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Any successful creation stories? Does any one have any methods for using a homunculus in magick or for magickal spells? I read that Indians used to feed them unknowingly to people as a way to curse them or something but my knowledge pretty much ends there. I want to make one and use it in a spell but have no idea how to do either

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so was 8ch.net/fringe/ deleted or was it just me?

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Has anyone else had success with meditating to access "paranormal" sensations/increase creativity within the mind? I've been doing this for a few months and have had moderate success so far. Pic related, the meditations I've used.

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teach me what you know

Is anyone still on here fam? New to this site and the deep web in general, am interested in astrology and magick. Trying to understand alchemy but I might be too stupid..

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High Magick Haven


I am a High Initiate. I can Cast Spells/Rituals For all Occasions Love, MONEY, Power, Etc.

HighMagickHaven.MiiDuu. com

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Join our skype group

For spooks and beyond


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“…the old sorcerers knew that human beings, taken as conglomerates of energy fields, are held together…by some sort of vibration that renders everything at once alive and in place…. Their expertise in dealing with (this force) became so extraordinary that their actions were transformed into legends…”

—Magical Passes, Carlos Castaneda.

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Kenneth Schueler

Kenneth Schueler

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could I use magick to make my green eyes stand out more

secondly, could I use magick to make my hair turn blonde?

answer this smiley, you seem to know your shit

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Physical application of magic

Neophyte here. I can't seem to bridge this gap between the psychic functions of magic (egregores, spirits, god-forms, collective consciousness, etc.) which seem possible and believable to me, and the supposed physical powers–causing wind to blow, setting things on fire, playing with electricity. I've also noticed that the latter seems to be more commonly mentioned in the threads about the Eastern tradition, whereas the Western school focuses more on thought-forms. Yeah, I understand that for both, the goal is the same; however the idea of causing lights to flicker, even once, really turns me on (same as everyone, I think). So which system should I focus on?

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Take your pills faggot

WEW LOLDY. Bust out those tinfoil hat kitties

I got a BIG ONE 4U. Every major chan is infiltrated by Freemason shills


Oath breaker faggots BTFO by single lain poster

Freemason shills REALLY should just kill themselves already.


Or as I like to call it arts and craft so you can learn how to make those dank maymays. Also remember to push the narrative we want other wise we will ban you ;^) But you don't wanna be a newfig forever do ya slowmo?


/pol/ is especially good at brain washing you on what is and what is not chan culture. again push the narrative that we want other wise we will ban you. Or will tell you to take to /cancer/ so you dont give anons any bad ideas. I though it was about having fun and NOT taking yourself too seriously. But what do I know I just love lain a little too much. <3 Dont ya know slowmo that chan culture means acting like some delusional cringe tier anon. Come on guys lefties are just butthurt they cant handle the bantz. :^)))))))))))))))))))

It's just satire guys normies cant handle us because we just go over their heads.

When did pol become the ultimate hipsters

Finally we get to https://endchan.xyz/

if you followed my instructions you should be a good goy who will make us propaganda and hack does evil lefties. Cause republicans have been known for their great track record ;3


They are trying get you to do their dirty work and if you don't get with the program they will either ignore you or outright ban you. Be careful who you trust, That includes me :^)

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no more tears

it's ok anon, you can stop now and turn back before it's too late.

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MAGICK ISNT REAL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_~

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Sucked in

>smiley's life's work is ruined


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Have you prayed to Saint Smiley today?

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lol fr*ck subjects that sh*t gay as fuck

where smiley @

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these are supposed y to by the mystical muslims who did drugs and drank wine in the desert yes? tell me

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