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Robot Status: Disengaged

File: 1490289669160.png (864.48 KB, 497x661, 497:661, 1490280998368.png) ImgOps Google


On the one hand, women propagandize and shame men into being passive and feminine. But then women are simultaneously praising and worshiping violent or animalistic men as being the type of men that they are attracted to.

This leaves us with the following three options:

1) being passive and quiet and be ignored by every woman on Earth

2) be aggressive and animalistic and have every woman want to bang you while simultaneously they want to hate and destroy you

3) try to merge the two, the "gentlemen in the streets, the animal in the sheets" trope. But this is both illuminating and nothing more than a facade. An entire lifetime of maintaining two separate personalities, neither of which are genuinely your own.


File: 1490290053302.jpg (320.26 KB, 1280x902, 640:451, 1486072683626.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Women don't respect you if you don't respect yourself.

Women will always try to play up so if you make her feel like she is the best you can do she will be turned off.

^^ this is pretty much biological. Google Hypergamy too, and look into how gynocentrism is unhealthy for society.

If you are below her, but treat her like you are the best she can get, then she will think so. Women are irrational, they are like women with tits and a pussy, there is no difference between having a child and a girlfriend/wife, except you take care of your baby so other men can fuck her, but you take care of your wife because she's your wife(but that's long gone).

Stop looking for advice on how to get women to like you, once you find what you're looking for I doubt you will like them..



>Women are irrational, they are like women with tits and a pussy,

wat u mean wit dat



Jesus, I meant to say children.


File: 1490290749859.jpg (177.95 KB, 1115x717, 1115:717, 1490197361172.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490290722000.jpg (75.41 KB, 736x915, 736:915, 1450451126_German sniper.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Social nationalist virtual reality interests me



File: 1490282708798.jpg (53.33 KB, 634x397, 634:397, 1490153211179.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


damn maybe I should smoke some jenkem sheeeeiit



File: 1490282909690.png (336.55 KB, 499x420, 499:420, 1490276131624.png) ImgOps Google

this kills the pothead


File: 1490288799589.jpg (24.09 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 0e66885de4040ea9e483058166….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1490289808596.jpg (86.43 KB, 780x492, 65:41, degenerate loser pothead.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hdv turn the FUCKING robot off already heh

File: 1490120174803.png (336.8 KB, 1144x888, 143:111, 1484033917826.png) ImgOps Google


Why is this site hosted in Poland?

How long are IP logs being kept?

Is the admin redpilled?

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Bump for answers NOW


File: 1490286144290.jpg (85.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, me with foKy fulfilling hi….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Why is this site hosted in Poland?

Because HDV wants you to feel comfortable on /4chon/ by hosting a site in your homeland, foKums.


What is the FoKypill on school/university?


File: 1490290323107-0.jpg (66.21 KB, 800x548, 200:137, 800px-Unterricht_in_einer_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490290323107-1.jpg (41.78 KB, 580x380, 29:19, Erziehung_im_Nationalsozia….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google






Kys virginspergturKy

File: 1489728399389.png (33.73 KB, 139x180, 139:180, 1360795989605.png) ImgOps Google


Can anyone explain why I am able to detect all Dwarf posts even when she tries to pretend to be some other persona or does all kinds of different things in an attempt to evade my detection?

I always fucking know it's her posting when she is posting; and I think the rest of /4chon/ pretty well knows too. However, I sometimes wonder, how I can be so incredibly efficient at detecting her posts and knowing it's her every single fucking time she posts. I think the FBI, the CIA, etc. are not as skilled as I am at this and 4chon in general is at this. Is this ability to detect her borderline paranormal? Would a quantum computer be able to do this as well as we can? What kind of algorithm is running in my mind that lets me detect Dwarf posts? It's not like I have very much information to go on; just the embedded videos, the uploaded pictures, and the text she writes. Nothing else; and yet I know her posts when I see them, every time.

Please explain to me the science behind Dwarf detection.

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I've hallucinated off sleeping tablets, but that was, another time



Can you explain why it's so fucking hard to tell you and Dwarf apart?



because we are both trolling you



>implying coordination


Sissified dwarfcunty swallowing semen from BWC

File: 1490284556365.jpg (335.53 KB, 1188x866, 594:433, joe rogan ready for Ragnar….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>yeah… hey man you know what

>*adjusts headset*

>*leans in*

>well the thing about your body is it really is the best doctor like it might not be able to prescribe xanax for you but if you get cracked across the face and the capillaries under your eyes explode what doctor is gonna get in there and fix those blood vessels for you?

>i mean what is aids man its just your body's immune system failing on you and then you die of a cold?

>nature is a cruel wicked bitch

>jamie pull that picture up of the roadrunner smashing the fuck out of that snake

>no jamie go to the other picture. no no the far right one….that's a Falco Borealis jamie… ok yes this one


>look at that raptor goddamn bitch

>homie's guts are everywhere

>fucking gut health, man. i drink a kale smoothie with krill oil every morning. give me your address and I'll send you a book on Lee Harvey Oswald.

File: 1490284158290.png (250.95 KB, 562x373, 562:373, 1490228746928.png) ImgOps Google


>try to make thread

>"server took 2 long 2 submit ur post"

>try to make thread again

>"Unoriginal content! U been muted nigga"

Lol gg no re board software

File: 1490153760983.jpg (33.74 KB, 425x300, 17:12, 70ab758477fa84ed8fc0300ad4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>hatefucking a mutt

smiley believes this

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fuck you robot





Yes, also furry


OP is a faget


I will now bump this

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




File: 1490282375655.png (615.99 KB, 940x545, 188:109, bregoni with reich flag sh….png) ImgOps Google

Looks like Lola heh

File: 1490012831175.jpg (192.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Frozen-9.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Disregard Smiley aka Kenny the Fringe Wizard. All hail FoKy, our new source of daily 4chon entertainment. Insights into his/her daily life and situations are here for us! How long will it take FoKy to doxx himself/herself? Stay tuned and watch the new episodes.

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>get trips twice in a row while thinking about this grill



File: 1490154675000.jpg (88.44 KB, 800x804, 200:201, 2e3f0f333e05e239a369e718d1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


That is the cousin, where they both have consensual dry humping sessions with petting.



if top left is it I'm still for it lel. Not a fag thou


File: 1490155255835-0.jpg (96.47 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1175475919_28d7112c64.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490155255850-1.jpg (40.08 KB, 400x293, 400:293, banjos.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1490282097019.gif (2.78 MB, 500x375, 4:3, 1480819364996.gif) ImgOps Google



Sorry pal she already has a polackistani fiancé

We almost fucked on multiple ocassions regardless heh

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thoroughly sissified



I'm glad there's that topical thumbnail because I know right away that I'm not going to watch it lmoa


Is that moot



How will Christopher Foole ever recover from that one?

The resemblance really is uncanny, at least in the thumbnail.



They probably start with the idea that there is no actual truth- but the fact is there is truth, and men's voices help reach the truth.

For example, men who know about the pay gap and how it's bullshit should not be quiet, and it's useful that they speak so people can hear the truth.

And Englishmen who know about, for example, whether Scotland could get into the EU or not ought to speak.

There is real information in the world that people ought to hear

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Jolly, 57, a human resources manager from Palmerston North, is one of an estimated 6000 to 7000 people around the planet who have chosen to treat themselves with "helminth therapy" – deliberate introduction of parasitic worms or their eggs into the body as a treatment for autoimmune diseases, allergies and an increasingly long list of other maladies.

It was 15 years ago that Jolly first went to her doctor complaining of wrist pain. She assumed it was occupational overuse syndrome but blood tests indicated she had the autoimmune disorder lupus, though at that point she had few other symptoms.

By 2008, though, the disease was starting to bite: she had dry eyes, a dry mouth, diarrhoea and muscle pains. Worst of all was the increasing chronic fatigue.

Her autoimmune diagnosis was refined. She had "undifferentiated connective tissue disease", and there was no treatment available apart from steroids, which have serious long-term side-effects.

Early on, says Jolly, she stumbled across websites where people talked about infecting themselves with parasites, but it sounded ludicrous.

What caught Jolly's eye, though, was Velasquez-Manoof's advocacy of helminth (parasitic worm) therapy. It seems these worms secrete substances that dampen the human immune response. They're doing it to protect themselves from ejection by their host, but the side effect is a muting of the inflammatory mechanisms driving these new allergies and automimmune problems in humans.

Jolly joined the Facebook groups where people discuss treatment protocols, the merits of whipworm versus hookworm, and the contacts of suppliers. Twenty months ago, she took her first dose: 25 hookworm through her skin. Five months later, before her colony was even up to full strength, her symptoms started to halt or even reversed. The dry mouth and eyes. The muscle pain. The diarrhoea. It was life-changing.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you are in doubt that Destiny is a fucking moron and believe the left's lies that he 'BTFO' JonTron, watch his stream with MisterMetokur/InternetAristocrat/Jim.

Spoiler: Jim makes Destiny cry at the end.


I'd watch it but I dislike youtube celebrities as much or more than I dislike actual celebrities tbqph



…Also that just sounds awkward and awful, I don't want to see a grown man cry. I don't get anything out of seeing someone bullied even if they're little nerds with the wrong opinions like him.



me the sadist who got his fetish from these people

File: 1490256705933.jpg (272.33 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p13361406_b_v8_ab.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I watched the first few episodes of Iron Fist after /tv/ was all, 'is this the hill you want to die on? Just because SJWs hate it doesn't mean you should like it.'

And you know what? This IS the hill I wanna die on, because their hatred of it and negative reviews being prevalent when looking it up is very telling of their psyche.

The reason they hate it so much is because they can't relate to the protagonist because he goes against their narrative - a rich, straight white male that went through adversity and got raised by monks from childhood, living as a homeless man and taking back his own company through strength of character is something they revile.

And so they have to project and make up excuses about how Danny sounds like a college student that is ‘culturally appropriating’ East Asians.

Not to mention, that if something as innocuous as Iron Fist can't exist in their narrative, then what can? What bold, daring new IP can? Will there ever be another Terminator, or Blade Runner?

No. Because these people are the death of creativity.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They can do whatever they want with that Movie of Peace, but if they fucking so much as touch The Little Mermaid, I will make an angry blogpost the likes of which they have never seen.



Ursula is the true hero of the story tbh. Ariel violated the NAP by breaking her contract; Ariel becoming a withered crustacean thingy Ursula eats is just good business. Sorry bucko, but them's the rules, freedom ain't free.

t. AnCaps



I mean, we have to be real, Pham, Ursula didn't force anybody to sign the "You can be human for three days or whatever but if you don't get monkey pee-pee by that time you'll become a withered crustacean thingy that I eat" contract. Ariel signed it completely voluntarily and was under absolutely no duress at the time.



Exactly. It's just the free market at work there; teenagers should be able to sign usury, loan shark contracts that turn you into a withered crustacean thingy. Pyramid schemes and contracts like these are just social Darwinism.




You'd have to be complete lunatic to sign a contract like that, let's be honest. Sure, in Ancapistan,she'd sign the contact, but in real life she'd just do something else like play with traffic or choke to death on crayons

But she was so pretty~

File: 1490234108267.png (1.05 MB, 800x1231, 800:1231, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google


>tfw you will never impregnate any of these 10/10 aryan women


>tfw you will never be WORTHY to impregnate one of them

This is the worst feel.




Nice. Also I have good genes I'd be worthy, just society doesn't uphold traditional values anymore so women are gold-digging KIKEs



You are such a cuck, you know that? Like, do you think Vikings and shit thought 'REEEEEEE I AM NOT BEAUTIFUL LET ME PREEN IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR TO GO MARRY THAT HOT ICELANDIC GIRL!'

No. They had confidence, and you're just a fucking floppy cock. Grow a spine, get some self-confidence and self-esteem, and a sense of humour and stop fucking kow-towing to pretty women.

BELIEVE me. I speak from experience.

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