vichan is a federation of national and international anonymous imageboards.

Please be aware that vichan is not recommended for people under 18 and may contain shock elements, as well as erotica and pornography.

Polish vichan

Polskie anonimowe forum obrazkowe charakteryzujące się bogatą kulturą oraz wolnością słowa.

Forum dostępne tylko dla osób powyżej 18 roku życia!

IRC: #vichan na


55ch (Brazilian)

Um imageboard de brasileiros para brasileiros e a quem mais interessar. Sejam bem vindos.

IRC: #55ch on


International vichan

An imageboard for people all around the world. It also contains full-blown erotica and pornography boards. It's mostly in English, but other languages are also welcome!

IRC: #chat on


cable6 (French)

Un système de billet électronique francophone basé sur l'échange anonyme d'image. Une grande liberté d'expression est laissée aux utilisateurs.

IRC: #cable6 on


Australian vichan

An imageboard for people living in Australia and those interested in Australian culture.

IRC: #vichan-au on


tahta (Turkish)

Türkiye'nin tahtasi, eski ibnesiyle, yeni ibnesiyle, akillisiyla, embesiliyle, japon'uyla hazir ve nazir.

IRC: #eksichat on


Lithuanian vichan

czchan (Czech)

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